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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1975Integrated island ecosystem ecology in Hawaii: spatial distribution of island biota: introductionMueller-Dombois, Dieter; Bridges, Kent W.
Dec-1973Interactions between Hawaiian honeycreepers and Metrosideros collina on the Island of HawaiiCarpenter, F Lynn; MacMillen, Richard E.
Dec-1973The interception of fog and cloud water on windward Mauna Loa, HawaiiJuvik, James O.; Perreira, Douglas J.
Jun-1980Interpreting for the general publicBoynton, David
Aug-1976Interpretive trainingShimoda, J.
Jun-1984Interrelationships of alien and native plants and animals in Kipahulu valley, Haleakala National Park: a preliminary reportStone, C.P.; Bank P.C.; Higashino, P.K.; Howarth, F.G.
Sep-1972Invasion and recovery of vegetation after a volcanic eruption in HawaiiSmathers, Garrett A.; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter
Feb-1989An inventory and assessment of anchialine pools in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from Waha'ula to Ka'aha, Puna and Ka'u, Hawai'iChai, David K.; Cuddihy, Linda W.; Stone, Charles P.
Oct-2004Inventory and monitoring of seabirds in National Park of American SamoaO’Connor, Paul J.; Rauzon, Mark J.
Sep-2007Inventory of arthropods of the west slope shrubland and alpine ecosystems of Haleakala National ParkKrushelnycky, Paul D.; Loope, Lloyd L.; Gillespie, Rosemary G.
Apr-2010Inventory of Birds in American Memorial Park, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, with Special Emphasis on the Status of the Endangered Mariana MoorhenRauzon, Mark J.
Feb-2010Inventory of marine vertebrate species and fish-habitat utilization patterns in coastal waters off four national parks in Hawai‘iBeets, Jim; Brown, Eric; Friedlander, Alan
Oct-2001Inventory of the Reptiles of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, GuamRodda, Gordon H.; Dean-Bradley, Kathy
Jun-2008Inventory Vascular Plants of the Kahuku Addition, Hawai`i Volcanoes National ParkBenitez, David M.; Belfield, Thomas; Loh, Rhonda; Pratt, Linda; Christie, Andrew D.
Jun-1980Investigation of Avian Malaria in Hawai'i's National Parksvan Riper, Charles III; van Riper, Sandra; Goff, M Lee; Laird, Melvin
Jun-1982Island ecosystem stability and Metrosideros diebackvan Riper, Charles III
Aug-1975The Island Ecosystems Data BankBridges, Kent W.; Carey, G Virginia
Jun-1982J. Linsley Gressitt: his contributions to science and conservationGagne, Wayne C.
Dec-1996Ka'uhako Crater botanical resource and threat monitoring, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Island of Moloka'i, Hawai'iMedeiros, A.C.; Chimera, C.G.; Loope, L.L.
Aug-1976The Kala-Pana extension: its variety, vegetation and valueWarshauer, Frederick R.