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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1976The effects of fire upon a Hawaiian montane ecosystemParman, Terry T.
May-1974Effects of microclimatic changes on oogenesis of Drosophila mimicaKambysellis, Michael P.
Jun-1980Effluent irrigation: implications for natural systems managementHandley, Linda
Dec-1996Efforts at control of the Argentine ant in Haleakala National Park, Maui, HawaiiKrushelnycky, Paul D.; Reimer, Neil J.
Jun-1980The efforts of three agencies to control mosquitoes in surgarcane fieldsWood, Charles J.
Mar-1975Electrophoretic variability in island populations of Drosophila simulans and Drosophila immigransSteiner, William W.M.; Sung, Ki Chang; Paik, Y.K.
Jun-1980Elevated Hawaiian trails of the Puna district Island of Hawai'iOrr, John B.
Feb-1994Elevational patterns of climate on the leeward slope of East Maui, HawaiiMinyard, William P.; Giambelluca, Thomas W.; Nullet, Dennis
Jun-1982Endangered 'Alala (Corvus Tropicus) captive propagation updateStemmermann, Lani
Jun-1980The endangered Hawaiian Hawk: status, biology, and proposed researchGriffin, Curtice R.
Aug-1976Endangered plants in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkLamoureux, C.H.
Jun-1998Endangered waterbird and wetland status, Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Hawai'i IslandMorin, Marie P.
Jun-1980The endemic Hawaiian Cerambycid BeetlesGressitt, J Linsley
Jan-1975Environment-enzyme polymorphism relationships in two Hawaiian Drosophila speciesSteiner, W.W.M.
Jun-1980Environmental studies of Leptospirae in Hawai'iSengbusch, C.H.
Jun-1978Establishment of some recent immigrant insects in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkDavis, C.J.
Nov-2006Ethnographic assessment and overview, National Park of American SamoaLinnekin, Jocelyn; Hunt, Terry; Lang, Leslie; McCormick, Timothy
Jun-1978Evaluation of a new technique for herbicidal treatment of Myrica Faya treesGardner, Donald E.
Feb-1979Evaluation of rare and endangered bird research programs for Hawaii's National ParksLamoureux, Charles H.
Aug-1975Evolution of the endemic Hawaiian cerambycid-beetlesGressitt, J.L.