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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1983The distribution, impact and potential management of the introdued vine Passiflora mollissima (Passifloraceae) in Hawai'iWarshauer, Frederick R.; Jacobi, James D.; La Rosa, Anne Marie; Scott, J Michael; Smith, Clifford W.
Jun-1984Dr. Maggot and Mr. Worm: forsenic entomology in HawaiiGoff, M.L.
Jun-1986Drosophila populations in the Ola'a Tract, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, 1971-1986Carson, H.L.
Apr-1994Early succession in pig-disturbed mountain parkland: Hawai'i Volcanoes National ParkTunison, J Timothy; Loh, Rhonda K.; Pratt, Linda W.; Kageler, Dina W.
Feb-1973Ecogeographical variations of chromosomal polymorphism in Hawaiian populations of Drosophila immigransPaik, Yong K.; Sung, Kee C.
Jun-1986Ecological aspects of bill size variation in two populations of Laysan FinchesConant, S.
Aug-1976Ecological park management: a manager's perspectiveBarbee, Robert D.
Aug-1972Ecological studies of Ctenosciara hawaiiensis (Hardy) (Diptera: Sciaridae)Steffan, Wallace A.
Dec-1972Ecological studies on Hawaiian lava tubesHowarth, Francis G.
Jul-1979An ecological survey of Pua'alu'u StreamKinzie, R A III; Ford, J.I.; Higashino, P.K.; Croft, L.K.; Hardy, D.E.
Nov-1975Ecology of Fungi in Wildland Soils along the Mauna Loa TransectStoner, Martin F.; Stoner, Darleen K.; Baker, Gladys E.
Sep-1995Ecology of introduced game birds in high-elevation shrubland of Haleakala National ParkCole, F Russell; Loope, Lloyd L.; Medeiros, Arthur C.; Raikes, Jane A.; Wood, Cynthia S.; Anderson, Laurel J.
Aug-1976Ecology of rare Drosophila species in Hawaii Volanoes National ParkCarson, Hampton L.
Jan-2012Economic analysis of the proposed rule to prevent arrival of new genetic strains of the rust fungus Puccinia psidii in Hawai‘iBurnett, Kimberly; D’Evelyn, Sean; Loope, Lloyd; Wada, Christopher
Jun-1986Edaphic characteristics and plant distribution in the bog/wet forest complex of Alakai Swamp, KauaiCanfield, J.E.
Jun-1980Edaphic separation in high rainfall, 'Ohi'a (Metrosideros Collina) Forest ecosystems, windward Hawai'iWood, Hulton B.
Jun-1986The effect of an introduced nitrogen-fixer (Myrica faya) on primary succession of volcanic cinderWalker, L.R.; Vitousek, P.M.; Whiteaker, L.D.; Mueller-Dombois, D.
Jul-1984Effects of cattle grazing on the mountain parkland ecosystem, Mauna Loa, HawaiiCuddihy, Linda W.
Jun-1980Effects of feral animals on woody vegetation: Santa Cruz Island, CaliforniaLeishman, Jack
Jun-1980The effects of feral pigs on a montane rain forest in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkKatahira,Larry