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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-197401-Year final reportDoty, Maxwell S.
30-Mar-197502-Year first progress reportDoty, Maxwell S.
Apr-1975Acari on murine rodents along an altitudinal transect on Mauna Loa, HawaiiRadovsky, Frank J.; Tenorio, JoAnn M.; Tomich, P. Quentin; Jacobi, James D.
Jun-1978Acari on Murine Rodents on Mauna Loa, Hawai'iRadovsky, Frank J.; Tenorio, JoAnn M.; Tomich, P. Quentin; Jacobi, James D.
Jun-1978Acid rain in Hawai'iMiller, John M.; Yoshinaga, Alan M.
Jun-1978The acquisition of natural areas in Hawai'iTabor, Kimo
Jun-1980The 'Alala: recent findings and management implicationsTemple, Stanley A.
Jun-1980Altitudinal distribution and composition of anthropods in 'Ohi'a (Metrosideros Collina subsp. Polymorpha) canopies in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with ecological implications for some native biotaGagne, Wayne C.
Feb-1973Altitudinal ecotypes in Hawaiian MetrosiderosCorn, Carolyn A.; Hiesey, William M.
Jun-1978Altitudinal effects on the general diversity of endemic insect communities in a Leeward Hawaiian forest system, Manuka Forest Reserve, South Kona, Hawai'iGon, Samuel M. III
May-1995Annotated bibliography of the genus Psidium, with emphasis on P. cattleianum (strawberry guava) and P. guajava (common guava), forest weeds in Hawai'iEllshoff, Zella E.; Gardner, Donald E.; Wikler, Charles; Smith, Clifford W.
Jun-1980Apparent pathological conditions of Vaccinium spp. And Dodonaea sp. in Hawaii Volcanoes National ParksGardner, Donald E.
Sep-2013Assessing the Presence and Distribution of 23 Hawaiian Yellow-Faced Bee Species on Lands Adjacent to Military Installations on O‘ahu and Hawai‘i IslandMagnacca, Karl N.; King, Cynthia B.A.
Jun-1980Attraction of the Two-lined 'Ohi'a Borer, Plagithmysus Bilineatus (Coleoptera: Cerambicidae), to stressed 'Ohi'a treesNagata, Roddy; Stein, John D.
Feb-1998Auwahi: ethnobotany of a Hawaiian dryland forestMedeiros, A.C.; Davenport, C.F.; Chimera, C.G.
Feb-1982Avifauna of Kohala Mountain, Hawai'ivan Riper, Charles III
Jun-1980Back Matter-
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