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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Adding choice to the contraceptive mix : lessons from IndonesiaGreenspan, Allison
1989Adolescent sexuality in Asia : new focus for population policyRobey, Bryant
1994After the demographic transition : policy responses to low fertility in four Asian countriesGreenspan, Allison
Sep-1992Age at marriage is rising for Asian women and men, according to new dataGreenspan, Allison
2001Although the situation is improving, women and children still face serious health problems in IndiaWestley, Sidney B.; Mishra, Vinod K.
1994Apocalypse when? : population growth and food supply in South AsiaGreenspan, Allison
1997Are young people in the Philippines taking chances with HIV/AIDS?Balk, Deborah
1990Asia's demographic future : the next 20 yearsRobey, Bryant
1998Asia's next challenge : caring for the elderlyWestley, Sidney B.
2003Assessing the effects of population change, economic growth, and globalization on income inequalityWilliamson, Jeffrey G.; Higgins, Matthew
2002Assessing women's well-being in AsiaWestley, Sidney B.
2003Caring for the elderly and holding down a job : how are women coping in Japan?Ogawa, Naohiro; Retherford, Robert D.; Saito, Yasuhiko
1997Change comes slowly for women in rural BangladeshBalk, Deborah
1993Changes in fertility patterns can improve child survival in Southeast AsiaGreenspan, Allison
2003Child survival and healthcare in developing countries of AsiaWestley, Sidney B.
1988Choosing a contraceptive method : why does it matter?Robey, Bryant
1987Community-based contraceptive distribution : a Korean success storyRobey, Bryant
1989Costs and benefits of children : implications for population policyRobey, Bryant
1994Culture influences demographic behavior : evidence from IndiaGreenspan, Allison
1987Curbing population growth : lessons from IndiaEllis, David