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1992Poverty in the Philippines : the impact of family sizeGreenspan, Allison
1992Fertility decline in Bangladesh : an emerging family planning success story.-
Sep-1992Age at marriage is rising for Asian women and men, according to new dataGreenspan, Allison
1993Determinants of fertility and the unmet need for family planning in IndonesiaGreenspan, Allison
1993Changes in fertility patterns can improve child survival in Southeast AsiaGreenspan, Allison
1993Shifts in household demographics herald economic changes for ThailandGreenspan, Allison
1993Family planning's benefits include improved child health and nutrition : new data from BangladeshGreenspan, Allison
1994Apocalypse when? : population growth and food supply in South AsiaGreenspan, Allison
1994Culture influences demographic behavior : evidence from IndiaGreenspan, Allison
1994After the demographic transition : policy responses to low fertility in four Asian countriesGreenspan, Allison
1994Does low fertility call for new policies in some Asian countries?Greenspan, Allison
1995Evidence mounts for sex-selective abortion in AsiaWestley, Sidney B.
1995New survey finds fertility decline in IndiaWestley, Sidney B.
1995The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Thailand : addressing the impact on childrenBrown, Tim; Werasit Sittitrai
1995India's national family health survey provides new information on maternal and child health and AIDS awarenessWestley, Sidney B.
1996Do family planning programs enhance children's health?Jensen, Eric R.; Westley, Sidney B.
1996The United States and Japan pursue a common agendaWestley, Sidney B.
1996Who uses reproductive health services in the Philippines (and who doesn't)?Westley, Sidney B.; Kantner, Andrew
1996Explaining regional fertility variations in the PhilippinesWestley, Sidney B.; Palmore, James A.; Retherford, Robert D.
1997Population and the Asian economic miracleMason, Andrew