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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001An Asian comparative description of events in the transition to adulthoodXenos, Peter
2002A comparative history of age-structure and social transitions among Asian youthXenos, Peter; Kabamalan, Midea
2001Cross-national comparison and the importance of sub-groups within countriesXenos, Peter
2001Drinking, smoking, and drug use among Thai youth : effects of family and individual factorsChai Podhisita
2001Early marriage and childbearing in Indonesia and NepalChoe, Minja Kim; Thapa, Shyam; Achmad, Sulistinah Irawati
2001Effect of education on premarital sex and marriage in TaiwanChoe, Minja Kim; Lin, Huisheng
1987Ethnic differentials in early childhood mortality in NepalChoe, Minja Kim; Retherford, Robert D.; Thapa, Shyam; Gubhaju, Bhakta Bahadur.
2001Events information and the life course framework in young adult reproductive health (YARH) survey studies of adolescent riskXenos, Peter
2001Family influences on the lifestyle of Filipino youthCruz, Grace T.; Laguna, Elma P.; Mejia-Raymundo, Corazon
2001How can young adult reproductive health (YARH) surveys play a role in program design and evaluation?Xenos, Peter
1999Infant and child mortality in NepalLuther, Norman Y.; Thapa, Shyam
1981Infant mortality estimates based on the 1976 Nepal Fertility SurveyRetherford, Robert D.; Thapa, Shyam
2001Initiation of smoking, drinking, and drug-use among Filipino youthsChoe, Minja Kim; Mejia-Raymundo, Corazon
1996Materials for the demographic history of Southeast AsiaXenos, Peter
2001The national youth populations of Asia : long-term change in six countriesXenos, Peter
2001Notes on youth and education in IndonesiaAchmad, Sulistinah Irawati; Xenos, Peter
2001On their own : effect of home- and school-leaving on Filipino adolescents' sexual initiationLaguna, Elma P.
2001The risk of premarital sex among Thai youth : individual and family influencesChai Podhisita; Xenos, Peter; Anchalee Varangrat
1997Saving, wealth, and the demographic transition in East AsiaLee, Ronald Demos; Mason, Andrew; Miller, Timothy
2001Sex and marriage : how closely are they related in the Philippines, Taiwan, and ThailandChoe, Minja Kim