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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Benchmarking the efficiency of Philippines electric cooperatives using stochastic frontier analysis and data envelopment analysisLavado, Rouselle F.
2005Capital controls : the case of Malaysia and lessons for VietnamVu, Tam Bang
2006Challenges and solutions in improving tuberculosis care among aboriginal people in TaiwanTsai, Huei-Ting; Liu, Tzu-Ming
2006Colonial construction of Malayness : the influence of population size and compositionSagoo, Kiran
2006Dance for development : Uyghur women in the Chinese diaspora creating self-empowerment through danceSmith, Kristie N.
2004The development of a peer competitor : China's potential challenge to U.S. preeminenceBitting, Robert
2006Effects of pension payments on savings in the PhilippinesLavado, Rouselle F.
2004An empirical analysis of the Averch-Johnson effect in electricity generation plantsLavado, Rouselle F.; Hua, Changchun
2006Ending an era : the Huang Chao Rebellion of the late Tang, 874-884Fong, Adam
2004Financing public goods through markets : the case of advertisingWu, Feng
2004Fiscal consequences of Asian crisisTolosa, Guillermo
2005From "Power to the People" to "Civil Empowerment" -- The Making of Neoliberal Governmentality in Grassroots Movements for the Urban Poor in South KoreaCho, Mun Young
2005"Glamorous" violence? : aggressive dating behavior of women in BeijingWang, Xiying
2004Gonorrhea, infertility, and population decline in Yap during the Japanese occupationCassels, Susan
2005The impacts of competition-policy reforms on the efficiency of Philippine commercial banksManlagînit, Ma. Chelo V.; Lamberte, Mario B.
2005Increasing integration among Asia Pacific equity marketsGunasingham, Brindha
2005Integrating gender perspectives in evaluating the efficiency of community-oriented financial intermediariesManlagînit, Ma. Chelo V.; Lamberte, Mario B.
2004Islam and economic development in New Order's Indonesia (1967-1998)Ali, Muhamad
2013The people behind the press : building social capital in new media ecologiesFox, Steve J.
2006The Philippine Supreme Court and the Mining Act ruling reversalCiencia, Alejandro N.