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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Commuters' exposure to particulate matter and carbon monoxide in Hanoi, Vietnam : a pilot studySaksena, Sumeet
2003Daily exposure to air pollution in indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle micro-environments : a pilot study in DelhiPrasad, Raj Kumar; Ravi Shankar, V.; Saksena, Sumeet
2002Determining spatial patterns in Delhi's ambient air quality data using cluster analysisSaksena, Sumeet; Joshi, Veena; Patil, R.S.
2005Electric power grid interconnection in Northeast AsiaYun, Won-Cheol; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2002Exposure of infants to outdoor and indoor air pollution in low-income urban areas : a case study of DelhiSaksena, Sumeet
Jun-2009In what format and under what timeframe would China take on climate commitments? : a roadmap to 2050Zhang, ZhongXiang
Sep-2004Interregional burden-sharing of greenhouse gas mitigation in the United StatesRose, Adam; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2003Open trade with the U.S. without compromising Canada's ability to comply with it's Kyoto targetZhang, ZhongXiang
2004Policy as warrant : environment and development in the Himalayan regionBlaikie, Piers M.; Muldavin, Joshua
2007Public perceptions of urban air pollution with a focus on developing countriesSaksena, Sumeet
Nov-2010A research strategy for the Pacific climate information systemFinucane, Melissa L.; Marra, John; Weyman, James C.
2004Towards an effective implementation of CDM projects in ChinaZhang, ZhongXiang
2003What do we know about carbon taxes? : an inquiry into their impacts on competitiveness and distribution of incomeZhang, ZhongXiang; Baranzini, Andrea
2003Why did the energy intensity fall in China's industrial sector in the 1990s? : the relative importance of structural change and intensity changeZhang, ZhongXiang
2004The World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund and ChinaZhang, ZhongXiang