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2002Exposure of infants to outdoor and indoor air pollution in low-income urban areas : a case study of DelhiSaksena, Sumeet
2002Determining spatial patterns in Delhi's ambient air quality data using cluster analysisSaksena, Sumeet; Joshi, Veena; Patil, R.S.
2003Why did the energy intensity fall in China's industrial sector in the 1990s? : the relative importance of structural change and intensity changeZhang, ZhongXiang
2003Open trade with the U.S. without compromising Canada's ability to comply with it's Kyoto targetZhang, ZhongXiang
2003What do we know about carbon taxes? : an inquiry into their impacts on competitiveness and distribution of incomeZhang, ZhongXiang; Baranzini, Andrea
2003Daily exposure to air pollution in indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle micro-environments : a pilot study in DelhiPrasad, Raj Kumar; Ravi Shankar, V.; Saksena, Sumeet
2004Towards an effective implementation of CDM projects in ChinaZhang, ZhongXiang
2004The World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund and ChinaZhang, ZhongXiang
2004Policy as warrant : environment and development in the Himalayan regionBlaikie, Piers M.; Muldavin, Joshua
Sep-2004Interregional burden-sharing of greenhouse gas mitigation in the United StatesRose, Adam; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2005Electric power grid interconnection in Northeast AsiaYun, Won-Cheol; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2007Public perceptions of urban air pollution with a focus on developing countriesSaksena, Sumeet
2007Commuters' exposure to particulate matter and carbon monoxide in Hanoi, Vietnam : a pilot studySaksena, Sumeet
Jun-2009In what format and under what timeframe would China take on climate commitments? : a roadmap to 2050Zhang, ZhongXiang
Nov-2010A research strategy for the Pacific climate information systemFinucane, Melissa L.; Marra, John; Weyman, James C.