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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002National sovereign economy, global market economy, and transnational corporate economyErnst, Dieter; Ozawa, Terutomo
Feb-2009The (Non) impact of UN sanctions on North KoreaNoland, Marcus
Apr-2009Oil price shocks and their short- and long-term effects on the Chinese economyTang, Weiqi; Wu, Libo; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2003Pathways to innovation in Asia's leading electronics exporting countries : drivers and policy implicationsErnst, Dieter
2003Pathways to innovation in the global network economy : Asian upgrading strategies in the electronics industryErnst, Dieter
2000Placing the networks on the Web : challenges and opportunities for managing in developing AsiaErnst, Dieter
Jun-2009The political economy of North Korea : implications for denuclearization and proliferationHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Jun-2010Post-conflict planning and reconstruction : lessons from the American experience in KoreaNoland, Marcus
2003Poverty and economic freedom : evidence from cross-country dataHasan, Rana; Quibria, M.G.; Kim, Yangseon
2001Private profit or public purpose? : corporate governance convergence and the Asian stateShinn, James
2003R&D services and global production networks : a Taiwanese perspectiveChen, Shin-horng; Liu, Mengjun; Shi, Huici
2004The reasons for and the impact of antidumping protection : the case of People's Republic of ChinaChu, Tianshu; Prusa, Thomas John
2005Relative economic decline and unrealized demographic opportunity in the PhilippinesEdmonds, Christopher M.; Fujimura, Manabu
Dec-2011Rent(s) asunder : sectoral rent extraction possibilities and bribery by multinational corporationsGueorgiev, Dimitar; Malesky, Edmund; Jensen, Nathan
Jun-2011Resource management and transition in Central Asia, Azerbaijan, and MongoliaPomfret, Richard
Feb-2011The Role of MNCs in China's standardizationHou, JunJun
2004Searching for a new role in East Asian regionalization : Japanese production networks in the electronics industryErnst, Dieter
Sep-2013Standards, innovation, and latecomer economic development : a conceptual frameworkErnst, Dieter
2006Terrorism and tourism in the Asia Pacific region : is travel and tourism in a new world after 9/11?Edmonds, Christopher M.; Mak, James
2002Trade and labour market linkages in India : evidence and issuesNagaraj, Rayaprolu