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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Electronics contract manufacturing : transnational production networks, the Internet, and knowledge diffusion in low-cost locations in Asia and Eastern EuropeLüthje, Boy
2004Endogenous financial and trade openness : political economy considerationsAizenman, Joshua; Noy, Ilan
Mar-2011Environmental security and its implications for China's foreign relationsMochizuki, Junko; Zhang, ZhongXiang
2004Estimation of the J-curve in ChinaAhmad, Jaleel; Yang, Jing
Aug-2012Europe's innovation union--beyond techno-nationalism?Ernst, Dieter
Nov-2011An evaluation of overseas oil investment projects under uncertainty using a real options based simulation modelZhu, Lei; Zhang, ZhongXiang; Fan, Ying
2001The evolution of a "digital economy" : research issues and policy challengesErnst, Dieter
2008Famine in North Korea redux?Haggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
2005FDI and trade : two way linkages?Noy, Ilan; Aizenman, Joshua
Nov-2011Gender in transition : the case of North KoreaHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
2001Global production networks and industrial upgrading : a knowledge-centered approachErnst, Dieter
2004Global production networks and industrial upgrading in China : the case of electronics contract manufacturingLüthje, Boy
2002Global production networks and information technology : the case of TaiwanChen, Shin-horng
2001Global production networks and local capabilities : new opportunities and challenges for TaiwanChen, Tain-Jy; Chen, Shin-horng
2000Global production networks and the changing geography of innovation systems : implications for developing countriesErnst, Dieter
2002Global production networks in East Asia's electronics industry and upgrading perspectives in MalaysiaErnst, Dieter
2003Global production networks, innovation, and work : why chip and system design in the IT industry are moving to AsiaErnst, Dieter; Lüthje, Boy
2001Global production networks, knowledge diffusion, and local capability formation : a conceptual frameworkErnst, Dieter; Kim, Linsu
Aug-2012Global technology sourcing in China's integrated circuit design industry : a conceptual framework and preliminary findingsErnst, Dieter; Naughton, Barry
Mar-2014Global trends of multi-factor productivityLee, Jeong Yeon