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  • Tantiniranat, Sutraphorn (2009)
    This is a study of images of Thai women presented in a Thai TV drama series shown in 2004 entitled “Saloeybaab”. Broadly, the study explores how the drama presents its female antagonist as well as the protagonist. Both ...
  • Ahmad, Yasmin; Gillespie, Patrica (2007)
    CSEAS hosted Malaysian auteur director Yasmin Ahmad at a retrospective of her films at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, including the US premiere of "Mukhsin". This podcast features Ahmad in conversation with Hawaii filmmaker ...
  • Ahmad, Yasmin; Dissanyake, Wimal (2007)
    CSEAS hosted Malaysian auteur director Yasmin Ahmad at a retrospective of her films at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, including the US premiere of "Mukhsin". This podcast features Ahmad in conversation with film scholar ...
  • Kumar, Anne (2008)
    In contrast to conventional wisdom, new scientific evidence from rice genetics, DNA and historical linguistics indicates major elements of Yayoi civilization in Japan came, not from China or Korea, but from the south and ...
  • Widyono, Benny (2009)
    In February 2009, the long awaited trial of remaining Khmer Rouge leaders began in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In this talk, Professor Benny Widyono will analyze why these trials against the Khmer Rouge, who killed 1.7 million ...
  • Hoven, Elisa (2010-04-07)
    During the Khmer Rouge Regime from 1975 to 1979, almost one quarter of the Cambodian population died. Thirty years after the events, an international tribunal is finally dealing with the crimes under former leader Pol Pot. ...
  • Ibrahim, Anwar (2006)
    Dr. Anwar Ibrahim, a leading opposition figure in Malaysian politics and that nation’s Deputy Prime Minister from 1993 to 1998, spoke as part of the Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program in Liberal Arts at the University ...
  • Paseng, Rohayati; Tillinghast, Beth; Chen, Claire; Boedemer, Margaret (2008)
    The UH Library is championing ScholarSpace, an easy-to-use web system for storing articles, publications, audio, etc..! In this podcast, we discuss the case study of migrating Explorations, a UH graduate student journal ...
  • Kozok, Uli (2010-04-07)
    The Tanjung Tanah code of law, dating to the late 14th century, was issued by the Maharaja of Dharmasraya, the former capital of the Malayu kingdom. This manuscript, written in both Sanskrit and Malay in Pallavo-Nusantaric ...
  • Feldman, Jerome (2009-03-12)
    A narrative of high art and high achievement - with a heavy overlay of criminality and debauchery – about the unique remnants of a once great chief's house from Nias, Indonesia.
  • Towira, Pampika; Ongkek-Marfil, Ellen; Van, Nguyen Thanh; Wee, Li Lin (2008)
    For the Hawaii Intl Film Festival, CSEAS brought 4 filmmakers from Southeast Asia to UH for a special discussion, including directors Pampika Towira (Thailand), Ellen Ongkek-Marfil (Philippines), Nguyen Thanh Van (Little ...
  • Pimonsathean, Yongtanit "Mai" (2010-04-07)
    Presented by Dr. Yongtanit Pimonsathean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning – Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand Known as Southeast Asia’s ‘Straits Settlements,’ the shophouse communities in Malaysia, Singapore and ...
  • McClatchey, Will (2008)
    On an exciting combination of ethnographic and botanical research conducted in Thailand, exploring the question of whether cultural knowledge can serve as appropriate scale measures of biodiversity for within-hotspot ...
  • Paseng, Rohayati; Rausch, Paul (2009)
    A talk about a UH Asian studies course designed to teach advanced Southeast Asian language students how to translate and subtitle film. Featuring examples of student work and discussion of both the challenges of translation ...
  • Gilliam, Ronald (2010-02-25)
    In the past five years social networking sites have drastically gained in popularity, but many users have yet to discover the true power behind effectual social networking. Surprisingly, few academics and educational ...
  • Kelley, Liam C. (2007)
    On the origins of the Spirit Writing movement in Colonial Vietnam, the spirit writing phenomenon and its connections with modern Vietnamese nationalism.
  • Virulrakrama, Surapone (2008)
    This research aims at studying the status of performing arts in Thailand starting from the first year of the Accession of King Rama IX to the Throne in 1946 until the Celebration of His Majesty the King's 72nd Birthday in 1999.
  • Ryter, Loren (2008)
    On the state-sanctioned youth groups of the New Order, who sheltered criminal gangs in exchange for political support and periodic extra-legal violence…and their place in the Indonesian parliament after the end of the New Order.
  • Burghardt, Raymond (2008)
    At a time when America's relations with some old friends are strained, its friendly ties with an old enemy, Vietnam, is surprising. Ambassador Burghardt explores the origins of the good relations between Washington and Hanoi.
  • Nguyen, My Lien Thi (2009)
    Hearing the words “refugees,” “the Ho Chi Minh Trail,” or “the Iron Triangle” in the context of Vietnam may create a miasma of images for a listener, perhaps evoking the terrible depictions of war on American television ...
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