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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Images of Thai Women: Presented Through Female Antagonist in a Thai TV Drama SeriesTantiniranat, Sutraphorn
2007Interview with Malaysian Filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad (Patricia Gillespie)Ahmad, Yasmin; Gillespie, Patrica
2007Interview with Malyasian Filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad (with Wimal Dissanayake)Ahmad, Yasmin; Dissanyake, Wimal
2008Java and Japan: A New View of the Yayoi RevolutionKumar, Anne
2009Justice for CambodiaWidyono, Benny
13-Aug-21652The Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Cambodia’s Search for JusticeHoven, Elisa
2006Lecture by Dr. Anwar IbrahimIbrahim, Anwar
2008Making Southeast Asian Digital Collections at UHPaseng, Rohayati; Tillinghast, Beth; Chen, Claire; Boedemer, Margaret
25-Nov-21652Malay Literature & Law: New Evidence from Pre-Islamic Times-
15-Jul-35496Murder, Bigamy, Pedophilia and Betrayal: The Missing Chief's House from Hilimondregeraya, Nias, IndonesiaFeldman, Jerome
2008Politics and Making Movies in Southeast AsiaTowira, Pampika; Ongkek-Marfil, Ellen; Van, Nguyen Thanh; Wee, Li Lin
27-Oct-21652The Preservation of Shophouse Communities in Southern Thailand, Malaysia and SingaporePimonsathean, Yongtanit "Mai"
2008A Question Of Scale: Where Is Biodiversity Within A "Hotspot?"McClatchey, Will
2009Rendering Southeast Asian Culture Through SubtitlesPaseng, Rohayati; Rausch, Paul
19-Sep-71063Social Networking in Higher EducationGilliam, Ronald
2007Spirit Writing in Colonial Vietnam: The Role of a Folk Religion in the Emergence of Modern Vietnamese NationalismKelley, Liam C.
2008Thai Performing Arts during the Reign of King Rama the NinthVirulrakrama, Surapone
2008Their Moment in the Sun: Indonesia's New Gangster ParliamentariansRyter, Loren
2008U.S. – Vietnam Relations: How Old Enemies Became FriendsBurghardt, Raymond
2009Vietnamese Ethnobotany: New Understandings of Refugees, the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the Iron TriangleNguyen, My Lien Thi