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  • Shukuri, Elyna; Sharifah, Amani (2006)
    An in-depth discussion of Yasmin Ahmad's film "Gubra", from Malaysia, with its producer Elyna Shukuri and award-winning actress Sharifah Amani, after a screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival.
  • Dinata, Nia; Noer, Jajang C. (2006)
    An in-depth discussion of the film "Love for Share" (Berbagi Suami) from Indonesia, with its award-winning director Nia Dinata and Jajang C. Noer, the grand dame of Indonesian cinema, after a screening at the 2006 Hawaii ...
  • Ibrahim, Anwar (2006)
    Dr. Anwar Ibrahim, a leading opposition figure in Malaysian politics and that nation’s Deputy Prime Minister from 1993 to 1998, spoke as part of the Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program in Liberal Arts at the University ...
  • Nolde, Lance (2007)
    Based on interviews with communities in Southeast Sulawesi, Lance Nolde’s talk explores the idea of Sama-Bajau identity from the 1930s until the present and their experience with national development and environmental ...
  • Ahmad, Yasmin; Gillespie, Patrica (2007)
    CSEAS hosted Malaysian auteur director Yasmin Ahmad at a retrospective of her films at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, including the US premiere of "Mukhsin". This podcast features Ahmad in conversation with Hawaii filmmaker ...
  • Ahmad, Yasmin; Dissanyake, Wimal (2007)
    CSEAS hosted Malaysian auteur director Yasmin Ahmad at a retrospective of her films at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, including the US premiere of "Mukhsin". This podcast features Ahmad in conversation with film scholar ...
  • Kelley, Liam C. (2007)
    On the origins of the Spirit Writing movement in Colonial Vietnam, the spirit writing phenomenon and its connections with modern Vietnamese nationalism.
  • Ferguson, Jane M. (2008)
    An overview of the history, structure, and some of the popular genres of the Burmese motion picture industry, and the dimensions of spectatorship of Burmese films in a village of Shan insurgents and their affiliates at the ...
  • Lee, Raymond (2008)
    An in-depth discussion of Auraeus Solito's film "The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros", from the Philippines, with its award-winning producer and screenwriter Raymond Lee, after a screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival.
  • Asselin, Pierre (2008)
    On the rise of a "hawkish" group within the Vietnamese Communist Party leadership, and the consequences for the revolutionary situation in southern Vietnam, for the North's relationship with China and the USSR, and for the ...
  • Kumar, Anne (2008)
    In contrast to conventional wisdom, new scientific evidence from rice genetics, DNA and historical linguistics indicates major elements of Yayoi civilization in Japan came, not from China or Korea, but from the south and ...
  • Paseng, Rohayati; Tillinghast, Beth; Chen, Claire; Boedemer, Margaret (2008)
    The UH Library is championing ScholarSpace, an easy-to-use web system for storing articles, publications, audio, etc..! In this podcast, we discuss the case study of migrating Explorations, a UH graduate student journal ...
  • Towira, Pampika; Ongkek-Marfil, Ellen; Van, Nguyen Thanh; Wee, Li Lin (2008)
    For the Hawaii Intl Film Festival, CSEAS brought 4 filmmakers from Southeast Asia to UH for a special discussion, including directors Pampika Towira (Thailand), Ellen Ongkek-Marfil (Philippines), Nguyen Thanh Van (Little ...
  • McClatchey, Will (2008)
    On an exciting combination of ethnographic and botanical research conducted in Thailand, exploring the question of whether cultural knowledge can serve as appropriate scale measures of biodiversity for within-hotspot ...
  • Virulrakrama, Surapone (2008)
    This research aims at studying the status of performing arts in Thailand starting from the first year of the Accession of King Rama IX to the Throne in 1946 until the Celebration of His Majesty the King's 72nd Birthday in 1999.
  • Ryter, Loren (2008)
    On the state-sanctioned youth groups of the New Order, who sheltered criminal gangs in exchange for political support and periodic extra-legal violence…and their place in the Indonesian parliament after the end of the New Order.
  • Burghardt, Raymond (2008)
    At a time when America's relations with some old friends are strained, its friendly ties with an old enemy, Vietnam, is surprising. Ambassador Burghardt explores the origins of the good relations between Washington and Hanoi.
  • Kuhonta, Erik; Kerkvliet, Benedict; Doner, Richard; Manicas, Peter; Andaya, Barbara Watson (2009)
    A panel discussion with Erik Kuhonta, Benedict Kerkvliet, Richard Doner, Peter Manicas, Barbara Watson Andaya and Barbara Watson Andaya discussing Kuhonta's new edited volume, Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, ...
  • Andaya, Barbara Watson (2009)
    Over the centuries Marionology, the study of the veneration of Mary, has generated an enormous body of literature. In Southeast Asia Mary’s position in local Christianity has been well documented in the Philippines, but ...
  • Widyono, Benny (2009)
    Benny Widyono will discuss his five years of international service in Cambodia from 1992 to 1997, first as a member of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), and later as the UN Secretary-Generalÿs ...

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