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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Agama Ambon Transformed: Religion in Exilevan der Hoek, Antje
1990Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological ResearchSpriggs, Matthew
1992Aspects of Maternal and Child Health Status in MalukuRobinson, J. Stephen; Sugiono, Ristianto
1996Bacan Dukun and MatakuCrowder, Linda Sun
1997Book Announcement, De Laaste Inlandse Schepelingen, Molukkers in dienst can de Koninkijike Marine, 1915-1965Keppy, Herman
1997Book Review, Atlas Bahasa Tanah Malukuvan Engelenhoven, Aone
1992Book Review, Mai Ite Lepa AluneFlorey, Margaret
1994Book Review, Moluccans in the NetherlandsSpyer, Patricia
1993Book Review, Phonological Studies in Four Languages of Malukuvan Engelenhoven, Aone
1992Book Review, The Symbolic System of the Giman of South HalmaheraMcKinnon, Susan
1992Book Review, Turbulent TimesFrojen, Karen
1990Book Review: Bathera Injil di Halmahera GMIH (Protestant Church of Halmahera)Wimbish, Sandra G.
1990Book Review: Bathera Injil di Halmahera GMIH (Protestant Church of Halmahera)Van Niel, Robert
1991Book Review: My Rice Field Is My Child: Social and Territorial Aspects of Swidden Cultivation in Sahu, Eastern IndonesiaSpyer, Patricia
1993Centers and Peripheries in MalukuAndaya, Leonard
1997The Changing Face of the Village in AmbonLee, Juliet
1992Crisis and Failure: War and Revolt in the Ambon Islands, 1636 - 1637Knapp, Gerrit J.
2000Deprivation and Disease: Conconmitants of ConflictWestwater, Agnes
1995Dietary Diversity in Western SeramNovotny, Rachel; Rumalatu, Fred
1999Dig It Up and Ship It Out? Resistance to Mining in the Lease IslandsNovaczek, Irene; Palyama, Ricky