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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990The Sound Sytem of Ambonese MalayVan Minde, D.
1990Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological ResearchSpriggs, Matthew
1990Book Review: Bathera Injil di Halmahera GMIH (Protestant Church of Halmahera)Wimbish, Sandra G.
1990"Now We Follow Our Father": Christianity, Colonialism and Cultural Transformation on the Island of Damer, Maluku TengarraPannell, Sandra
1990Republik Maluku Selatan and Social Change in Ambonese Society During the Late Colonial PeriodChauvel, R.
1990Maluku: Its Place in the History of ScienceLamoureux, Charles H.
1990Book Review: Bathera Injil di Halmahera GMIH (Protestant Church of Halmahera)Van Niel, Robert
1991Nuaulu Betel Chewing: Ethnobotany, Technique and Cultural SignifiganceEllen, Roy
1991J.P.B. de Josselin de Jong's Wetan Fieldnotes: An Extended AppreciationCarpenter, Kathie
1991Book Review: My Rice Field Is My Child: Social and Territorial Aspects of Swidden Cultivation in Sahu, Eastern IndonesiaSpyer, Patricia
1991Etymology, Entomology, and Nutrition: Another Word from PigafettaCollins, James T.; Novotny, Rachel
1991Ritual Leadership: Ethnographic Notes on the Taliabu Initiation FestivalBaldwin, David T.
1991An Unexplored History: Nationalism Among Moluccans in the Netherlands, 1951-1990Steijen, Fridus
1991Local Trade Networks in Maluku in the 16th, 17th and 18th CenturiesAndaya, Leonard
1992Aspects of Maternal and Child Health Status in MalukuRobinson, J. Stephen; Sugiono, Ristianto
1992Sago in Malauku: Past, Present, and Future ProspectsRumalatu, Frederick
1992Studying Seventeenth-Century Ambonese Malay: Evidence from F. Caron's Sermons (1693)Collins, James
1992Book Review, The Symbolic System of the Giman of South HalmaheraMcKinnon, Susan
1992Crisis and Failure: War and Revolt in the Ambon Islands, 1636 - 1637Knapp, Gerrit J.
1992Partikel-partikel Dalam Klausa, Kalimat dan Wancana Melayu Ambon: Catatan PendahuluanTjia, Johnny