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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Oct-2010Cambodia Down South: Images of an Archaeological Field Season in the DeltaFehrenbach, Shawn
2008The CapitalCharungkitanan, Wanit
2004Capital Punishment in the PhilippinesTagayuna, Arlie
1993Centers and Peripheries in MalukuAndaya, Leonard
1997The Changing Face of the Village in AmbonLee, Juliet
2007Chinese Muslims in Colonial and Postcolonial IndonesiaAli, Muhamad
31-Aug-40786Code-switching in Kuala Lumpur Malay: The “Rojak” PhenomenonAbu Bakar, Husni
1998Colonial knowledge and indigenous power in the Dutch EastBrownlee, John M.
2000Constance Phaulkon: Myth or reality?Strach, Walter
10-Jul-40787Consumerism and the Emergence of a New Middle Class in Globalizing IndonesiaAnsori, Mohammad
31-Oct-2014Contesting the Master-Narratives of Thai Historiography: A Bibliographic EssayJohnson, Jordan D.
2000Could installation art be the new medium for Southeast Asia?-
1998Creating modern traditions in Balinese performing artsAskovic, Ivana
1992Crisis and Failure: War and Revolt in the Ambon Islands, 1636 - 1637Knapp, Gerrit J.
1997Cultural sublimation: The museumizing of IndonesiaRath, Amanda
1998Damar in the pasar of Manado, North Sulawesi: A search for resins in an Indonesian marketHale, Daniel B.
2011Dansuer Bantugen: Gendering of the Filipino HeroQuintero, Desiree
2000Deprivation and Disease: Conconmitants of ConflictWestwater, Agnes
1995Dietary Diversity in Western SeramNovotny, Rachel; Rumalatu, Fred