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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2007The Gbe Language Continuum of West Africa: A Synchronic Typological Approach to Prioritizing In-depth Sociolinguistic Research on Literature ExtensibilityKluge, Angela
Dec-2015Getting in Touch: Language and Digital Inclusion in Australian Indigenous CommunitiesCarew, Margaret; Green, Jennifer; Kral, Inge; Nordlinger, Rachel; Singer, Ruth
May-2012Getting the Story Straight: Language Fieldwork Using a Narrative Problem-Solving TaskSan Roque, Lila; Gawne, Lauren; Hoenigman, Darja; Miller, Julia Colleen; Rumsey, Alan; Spronck, Stef; Carroll, Alice; Evans, Nicholas
Sep-2015A guide to the Ikaan language and culture documentationSalffner, Sophie
Dec-2014How To Study a Tone LanguageHyman, Larry
Aug-2013In Defense of the Lone Wolf: Collaboration in Language DocumentationCrippen, James A.; Robinson, Laura C.
Sep-2010The index of linguistic diversity: A new quantitative measure of trends in the status of the world's languagesHarmon, David; Loh, Jonathan
Apr-2011Integrating Documentation and Formal Teaching of Kari’nja: Documentary Materials as Pedagogical MaterialsYamada, Racquel-María
Mar-2014Integrating Language Documentation, Language Preservation, and Linguistic Research: Working with the Kokamas from the AmazonVallejos, Rosa
Oct-2013The International Workshop on Language Preservation: An Experiment in Text Collection and Language TechnologyBird, Steven; Chiang, David; Frowein, Friedel; Berez, Andrea L.; Eby, Mark; Hanke, Florian; Shelby, Ryan; Vaswani, Ashish; Wan, Ada
Jun-2009Kaipuleohone, the University of Hawai'i's Ethnographic ArchiveAlbarillo, Emily E.; Thieberger, Nick
Nov-2010Language description and “the new paradigm”: What linguists may learn from ethnocinematographersDimmendaal, Gerrit J.
Jun-2008Language Documentation and Archives in South AmericaSeifart, Frank; Drude, Sebastian; Franchetto, Bruna; Gasché, Jürg; Golluscio, Lucía; Manrique, Elizabeth
Sep-2014Language Documentation in the AmericasFranchetto, Bruna; Rice, Keren
27-Mar-2013Language Management and Minority Language Maintenance in (Eastern) Indonesia: Strategic IssuesArka, I Wayan
Dec-2015Language Research and Revitalization Through a Community-University Partnership: The Mi’gmaq Research PartnershipLittle, Carol-Rose; Wysote, Travis; McClay, Elise; Coon, Jessica
19-Dec-2013Languoid, Doculect, and Glossonym: Formalizing the Notion 'Language'Good, Jeff; Cysouw, Michael
Mar-2012A Linguistic Assessment of the Munji Language in AfghanistanBeyer, Daniela; Beck, Simone
May-2012Linguistic Data Types and the Interface between Language Documentation and DescriptionHimmelmann, Nikolaus P.
Oct-2014Linguists and language rebuilding: recent experience in two New South Wales languagesGiacon, John