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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2013Rating the vitality of sign languages-
1-Mar-2013Re-centering the Alaska Native Language Center: Challenges and opportunities for language centers in a new linguistic era-
30-Sep-2011Re-imagining Ojibwe domains: Documentation as revitalizationHermes, Mary; Nichols, John; Roach, Kevin; Sullivan, Mike; Cowell, Andrew
2010Reaction to the LEXUS review in the LD&C Vol. 3, No. 2.Ringersma, Jacquelijn; Kemps-Snijders, Marc
12-Mar-2015Reading dictionaries in the dark: The significance of evolving language materials-
12-Mar-2015Real and fictional referents in linguistic fieldwork-
20-Dec-2012Realis' and 'irrealis' in Wogeo: A valid category?Exter, Mats
2-Mar-2013Reclaiming an indigenous epistemology: Indigenous language reclamation – The learners’ perspective-
Oct-2014Reclaiming the Kaurna language: a long and lasting collaboration in an urban settingAmery, Rob
12-Mar-2015Recognizing contextual resources: Post-method approaches to building on learner's communicative repertoires-
2-Jun-2011Reconciliating research ethic board requirements and community concernsGranadillo, Tania
14-Mar-2009Reconciling academic and pedagogical objectives in documentation: A case study of MochoFox, Naomi
14-Mar-2009Reconciling difference and building trust: International collaboration in indigenous language revitalizationSmith, Julianne; Cranmer, Laura; Shaw, Patricia
14-Mar-2009Recording real conversations for language learning and analysisTaff, Alice
30-Sep-2011Recovering voices: Collaborating with communities and engaging millions in the challenge of endangered languagesMason, Michael
Oct-2012Reference grammars for speakers of minority languagesBaraby, Anne-Marie
Feb-2016Reflections of an observant linguist regarding the orthography of A Fala de Us Tres LugarisMiroslav Valeš
14-Mar-2009The relationship between language teaching and Mayan language conservation in GuatemalaBarrett, Rusty
2009Relatively Ethical: A Comparison of Linguistic Research Paradigms in Alaska and IndonesiaHolton, Gary
14-Mar-2009Reo Kura: Developing teachers Maori language proficiency and Ngai Tahu tribal dialect proficiency in an in-school professional development programmeHarata Te Aika, Lynne