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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005LamaholotKelen, Herman
2-Jun-2011The language apprenticeship program: The role of community outsiders in language revitalizationMatsumoto-Gray, Katherine
12-Mar-2015Language archives and the history of ethnoscience: The digitization and discovery of early ethnobiological research at the University of Hawai‘i-
Aug-2012Language archives: They’re not just for linguists any moreHolton, Gary
Oct-2012Language description and hypertext: Nunggubuyu as a case studyMusgrave, Simon; Thieberger, Nick
Nov-2010Language description and “the new paradigm”: What linguists may learn from ethnocinematographersDimmendaal, Gerrit J.
Jun-2008Language Documentation and Archives in South AmericaSeifart, Frank; Drude, Sebastian; Franchetto, Bruna; Gasché, Jürg; Golluscio, Lucía; Manrique, Elizabeth
Feb-2016Language Documentation and Conservation in Europe (whole volume)Vera Ferreira; Peter Bouda
3-Mar-2013Language documentation and natural history: A synergistic and interdisciplinary approach to ethnobiology-
30-Sep-2011Language documentation in a time of Truth and ReconciliationHill, Deborah
Sep-2014Language Documentation in the AmericasFranchetto, Bruna; Rice, Keren
14-Mar-2009Language documentation in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan: The Ghulfan Documentation ProjectWilliams, Robert; Jakobi, Angelika; Comfort, Jade
3-Mar-2013Language documentation when the community is not “in the mood”: Issues in community-centered documentation efforts in Ikema Ryukyuan-
12-Mar-2015Language ecology and Butchulla revitalisation-
Jan-2014Language Endangerment and Preservation in South AsiaCardoso, Hugo C.
2-Jun-2011The 'Language Kit': A community language effort on the Tuscarora Indian ReservationHill, Montgomery
Feb-2016Language Landscape: Supporting community-led language documentationSandy Ritchie; Samantha Goodchild; Ebany Dohle
27-Mar-2013Language Management and Minority Language Maintenance in (Eastern) Indonesia: Strategic IssuesArka, I Wayan
30-Sep-2011Language management and minority language maintenance in Indonesia: Strategy issuesArka, Wayan
12-Mar-2015Language Preservation 2.0: Crowdsourcing oral language documentation using mobile devices-