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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2015Ka Leo Hawaiʻi tapes and the regenesis of Hawaiian-
2-Mar-2013Ka tō, ka whāngai, ka puawai: Retention + engagement = revitalisation-
Jun-2009Kaipuleohone, the University of Hawai'i's Ethnographic ArchiveAlbarillo, Emily E.; Thieberger, Nick
2-Mar-2013Kaipuleohone: The University of Hawai‘i Digital Ethnographic Archive-
2-Jun-2011The Kairak (Qairaq) Writing Workshop: Moving forward with a work-in-progress orthographySchneider, Cynthia
1-Mar-2013The Kalaallisut‐English Dictionary Project-
20-Dec-2012Keeping records of language diversity in Melanesia: The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC)Barwick, Linda; Thieberger, Nicholas
2005KeresRomero, Nathan
12-Mar-2015Key examples: opening the database door to language teachers-
28-Feb-2013KinOath Kinship Archiver: a new tool for recording and exploring kinship relations-
12-Mar-2015KinQuest - A new tool for eliciting and comparing kinship terminology-
28-Feb-2013Kinship and language documentation in Bhutan-
2005KonkaniPandit, Ashwin
Feb-2016Kormakiti Arabic: A study of language decay and language deathOzan Gulle
2-Mar-2013Kubeo sacred landscapes: a key to culture and language maintenance-
12-Mar-2015The Kumzari language community: Evaluating language vitality and endangerment-
1-Mar-2013“Kŋalozʔaʔn ujeretʔiʔn ŋeteɫkilaʔn 2012” (Keepers of the native hearth 2012) – community efforts to save the endangered Itelmen language in Kamchatka, Russia-
2005LamaholotKelen, Herman
Mar-2016Language Acquisition and Language RevitalizationO'Grady, William; Hattori, Ryoko
2-Jun-2011The language apprenticeship program: The role of community outsiders in language revitalizationMatsumoto-Gray, Katherine