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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2015The Hālau Hula: Its linguistic richness documented, analyzed, and revived-
3-Mar-2013He lani ko luna, A sky above: "In losing the sight of land, you discover the stars"-
2-Mar-2013“Head, shoulders, knees and toes” is not an Aboriginal song-
3-Mar-2013Heritage linguistics and language activism: A conversation with the Siraya-
14-Mar-2009Hiroko Sato: When collaboration is not an option: fieldwork in Kove, Papua New GuineaSato, Hiroko
3-Mar-2013History and documentation of old Hawai’i sign language and deaf lives in the past-
12-Mar-2015The hitchhiker's guide to documentation: Communicative practices, cultural competence and proficiency guidelines-
2-Mar-2013The house the ǂKx’ao-ǁ’ae built: An approach to documenting language & sharing knowledge-
2-Jun-2011How do you teach a language with no teachers?Hobson, John
14-Mar-2009How documentation needs to change as language revitalization progressesKeegan, Peter; King, Jeanette
28-Feb-2013How HALA and the BLP can be used for an earlier detection of language attrition in the Chuvash community-
1-Mar-2013How indigenous conceptions shape the work: The case of the Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre-
1-Mar-2013How to document oral history-
Aug-2012How to measure frequency? Different ways of counting ergatives in Chintang (Tibeto-Burman, Nepal) and their implicationsStoll, Sabine; Bickel, Balthasar
Dec-2014How To Study a Tone LanguageHyman, Larry
2-Jun-2011I am proud to speak a language once banned in school' Community-based intiatives to document Dela-Oenale in eastern IndonesiaTamelan, Thersia
Feb-2016Identity and language shift among Vlashki/Zheyanski speakers in CroatiaZvjezdana Vrzić; John Victor Singler
30-Sep-2011Image-centered, community-based language documentationTomokiyo, Laura; Glenn, Patuk
2-Mar-2013The impact of dialectal variation on documentation and conservation work-
Aug-2013In Defense of the Lone Wolf: Collaboration in Language DocumentationCrippen, James A.; Robinson, Laura C.