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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2011Early stages of orthography design: The case of Chuxnaban MixeJany, Carmen
1-Mar-2013Eastern Australian indigenous language centres - Collective action for community needs-
2-Jun-2011The ecology of documentary linguistic software developmentCox, Christopher
27-Jun-2007Editorial Board, 1(1)Language Documentation & Conservation
17-Dec-2007Editorial Board, 1(2)Language Documentation & Conservation
Jun-2008Editorial Board, 2(1)Language Documentation & Conservation
Dec-2008Editorial Board, 2(2)Language Documentation & Conservation
Jun-2009Editorial Board, 3(1)Language Documentation & Conservation
2009Editorial Board, 3(2)Language Documentation & Conservation
Dec-2010Editorial Board, Volume 4Language Documentation & Conservation
12-Mar-2015The effects of globalization and poverty upon Philippine endangered languages-
12-Mar-2015The effects of language planning in Sardinian-
Feb-2016El árabe ceutí, una lengua minorizada. Propuestas para su enseñanza en la escuelaFrancisco Moscoso García
14-Mar-2009Electroglottography (EGG) and acoustic analyses in the documentation of Cajonos ZapotecTejada, Laura
14-Mar-2009Electronic dictionaries for language reclamationMcElvenny, James; Wilson, Aidan
Oct-2012Electronic Grammars and Reproducible ResearchMaxwell, Mike
Dec-2008Electronic Reference Grammars for Typology: Challenges and SolutionsNordhoff, Sebastian
2005EmaGomes, Matias
Dec-2014Endangered domains, thematic documentation and grammaticographyTerrell, Jacob
5-Nov-10784Endangered language familiesWhalen, D.H.; Simons, Gary