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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014The data and the examples: Comprehensiveness, accuracy, and sensitivityMithun, Marianne
Aug-2012Data from language documentations in research on referential hierarchiesSchnell, Stefan
Jun-2009Data Processing and its Impact on Linguistic AnalysisMargetts, Anna
2005Dayak NgajuPurbaranti, Migraliette
14-Mar-2009Dean's welcoming speechO'Mealey, Joseph
12-Mar-2015Decolonizing pedagogies for Indigenous children: Valuing multiliteracies in classrooms-
Oct-2012Deconstructing descriptive grammarsGood, Jeff
2-Mar-2013Dena’ina language learning through audio-video lessons: a potential model for other endangered languages-
Jun-2015Designing a Dictionary for an Endangered Language Community: Lexicographical Deliberations, Language Ideological ClarificationsKroskrity, Paul V.
12-Mar-2015Designing and teaching a practical orthography of Nigromante Zapotec-
12-Mar-2015Designing pedagogy from Cherokee language and ecological documentation-
12-Mar-2015Designing reference grammars for Taiwan indigenous languages: Collaborative work between linguists and native speakers-
2-Jun-2011Developing 'Ucen orthographies for the endangered languages of BhutanHyslop, Gwendolyn; Tshering, Karma
Oct-2014Developing a Living Archive of Aboriginal LanguagesBow, Catherine; Christie, Michael; Devlin, Brian
2-Mar-2013Developing a regional Master-Apprentice training network in Australia-
1-Mar-2013Developing a tool to assess language vitality-
30-Sep-2011Developing and archiving open-source Blackfoot teaching materialsLee, Jeremy; Schroeder, Sara; Yamamoto, Shiho; Burke, Sean; Chatsis, Annabelle; Miyashita, Mizuki
3-Mar-2013Developing consistency by consensus: Avoiding fiat in language revitalization-
14-Mar-2009Developing infrastructure for team-based research: The module-and-seminar modelMichael, Lev
12-Mar-2015Developing metalinguistic competence at CILLDI-