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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2015American Indian Sign Language (AISL) Digital Corpus Project-
2005AmisLiu, Tsai-hsui (Dorinda)
Oct-2012AppendixNordhoff, Sebastian
12-Mar-2015Applying linguistics in the conservation of the social and cultural context of underdocumented languages-
30-Sep-2011Archives as publishers of language documentation: experiences from ELARNathan, David
30-Sep-2011Archiving languages and song in Wadeye: Future access to song knowledgeWalsh, Michael; Barwick, Linda; Marett, Allan
2-Jun-2011Are computer applications being used in Te Reo Māori?Keegan, Te Taka; Mato, Paora
14-Mar-2009Are our documentation projects speeding up language change?Salisbury, Mary
2-Mar-2013The areal properties of tone in the Mackenzie Basin Dene (Athabaskan) languages-
Dec-2014The Art and Practice of Grammar Writing (Whole volume)-
2-Mar-2013Assessing indigenous language programs in an American “hot spot”: Researching the lived experience of Native American school stakeholders-
1-Mar-2013Assessing language vitality in the context of large-scale migration-
12-Mar-2015Assessing the difficulty of the text input task for minority languages-
14-Mar-2009Assessing the ethnolinguistic vitality of minority languages in Northern SwedenArola, Laura
Sep-2015Assessing the Linguistic Vitality of Miqie: An Endangered Ngwi (Loloish) Language of Yunnan, ChinaGao, Katie B
12-Mar-2015An assessment of linguistic development in a Kaqchikel immersion school-
12-Mar-2015Assessment scales of language endangerment vs in-depth studies: The case of Ngoni in Tanzania-
28-Feb-2013At the limits of language documentation: The future of language revitalization and the Tuscarora language-
30-Sep-2011Australian Indigenous Languages Resource DatabaseObata, Kazuko
14-Mar-2009An Australian trial of the Master-Apprentice methodHobson, John; Laurie, Bradley