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  • Lee, Ronald Demos; Mason, Andrew; Miller, Timothy (Honolulu: East-West Center, 1997)
    This paper assesses the extent to which demographic forces can explain the substantial increases in national saving rates in East Asia over the last few decades, under the strong assumption that saving is motivated by a ...
  • Mason, Andrew; Kinugasa, Tomoko (Honolulu: East-West Center, 2005)
    The importance of the demographic dividend to East Asian economic growth is now widely recognized. During the last four decades of the 20th Century the working age populations grew much more rapidly than the dependent ...
  • Wang, Feng; Mason, Andrew (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    In this chapter, we focus on three aspects of China's demographic change during its economic reforms of the past quarter century. First, we review and summarize major demographic changes in China during this time period. ...
  • Mason, Andrew (2008-02-21)
    This paper examines the economic implications of population aging in light of new estimates and analysis of the inter-relationships between age and the economy based on the National Transfer Account (NTA) project. The NTA ...
  • Lee, Ronald Demos; Mason, Andrew (2008-06-16)
    Over the demographic transition, declining fertility leads to rising support ratios and consumption during the first divided phase, followed by falling support ratios as population ages. Might human capital investments ...
  • Ogawa, Naohiro; Mason, Andrew; Chawla, Amonthep; Matsukura, Rikiya (2008-08-15)
    This paper analyzes some of the important aspects of Japan's unprecedented population aging on its postwar economy, by drawing heavily upon the computed results of the NTA-Japan project, ranging from the first and second ...
  • Mason, Andrew; Lee, Ronald Demos; Lee, Sang-Hyop (2008-08-16)
    Declining morality followed by declining fertility over the demographic transition initially produce decades of rising child dependency, then decades of improving support ratios as child dependency falls (the "first dividend" ...

Now showing items 1-7 of 7


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