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Title: Hermatypic Coral Fauna of Subtropical Southeast Africa: A Checklist 
Author: Riegl, Bernhard
Date: 1996-10
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Riegl B. 1996. Hermatypic coral fauna of subtropical southeast Africa: a checklist. Pac Sci 50(4): 404-414.
Abstract: The South African hermatypic coral fauna consists of 96 species
in 42 scleractinian genera, one stoloniferous octocoral genus (Tubipora), and
one hermatypic hydrocoral genus (Millepora). There are more species in
southern Mozambique, with 151 species in 49 scleractinian genera, one stoloniferous
octocoral (Tubipora musica L.), and one hydrocoral (Millepora exaesa
[Forskal)). The eastern African coral faunas of Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania,
Mozambique, and South Africa are compared and Southeast Africa distinguished
as a biogeographic subregion, with six endemic species. Patterns of
attenuation and species composition are described and compared with those on
the eastern boundaries of the Indo-Pacific in the Pacific Ocean.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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