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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2010Repackaging the Library: What Faculty ThinkGuthrie, Kevin
1922Reparto de Tierras [penny sheet drawn by Rivera for distribution in the countryside]Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
2015Report to RILS on Similar Library ConsortiaRILS Committee
9-Sep-2010Research as the Movies: Documentaries, Radio, Theatre, and Editing as Scholarly Production(s)Howes, Craig
5-Jan-29920Results of a 2008 Needs AssessmentTillinghast, Beth
2002Review of "Vestnik Dal’nevostochnogo otdeleniia Rossiiskoi akademii nauk"Polansky, Patricia
2015Review of Integrated Library Systems (RILS) Committee, University of Hawai'i, Summary of Voyager Module SurveysRILS Committee
2015Review of Integrated Library Systems (RILS) Literature ReviewRILS Committee
2015Review of Integrated Library Systems (RILS) SFX Results SummaryRILS Committee
2015Review of Integrated Library Systems (RILS) User Surveys Executive SummaryRILS Committee
31-Aug-2010Role of Geographic Information Systems in the Social SciencesBhutada, Shriram
1974Russian Writings on the South PacificPolansky, Patricia
26-Jul-2010Scanning Journals and Documents-
Nov-2008ScholarSpace and Scholarly Communication: A Needs Assessment Survey InstrumentTillinghast, Beth
13-Mar-32264SciTech: History and Recollections of the Science & Technology Reference Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, and the University of HawaiiWermager, Paul; Hanna, Rick; Hayashikawa, Doris; Idler, Basil; Ito, Ethel; Moelzer, Janet; Szilard, Paula
2004Slavic Collection Descriptions - University of Hawaii CollectionPolansky, Patricia
2005Social commentary on the marginalized society: Tsai Ming-Liang’s filmsYao, K.T.
23-Nov-81474South Asia Treasures from the LibraryGhosh, Monica
2015Summary for the Primo/Onesearch/Megasearch Public SurveyRILS Committee
2010A Survey Of Archivists Of The U.S. SenateZastrow, Jan; Mosher, Nan Wood