Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers are a collection of seminar papers, conference proceedings, and topical studies.

Copies of Occasional Papers are available at a nominal fee.
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CPIS Occasional Papers - Special Collections


Captain Cook and the Pacific Islands, edited by Jane N. Hurd and Michiko Kodama

Proceedings of The Third Annual Pacific Islands Studies Conference University of Hawaii, 1978


Culture, Youth and Suicide in the Pacific, edited by Francis X. Hezel, Donald H. Rubinstein, and Geoffrey M. White, 1985

Papers from an East-West Center Conference held September 1984


Emerging Pacific Island States edited by Jane N. Hurd, 1979

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Pacific Islands Studies Conference


Hawaii in the Contemporary Pacific, edited by Karen Knudsen, 1981

Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Pacific Islands Studies Conference

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