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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Review of L'ONU, la France et les décolonisations tardives: L'exemple des terres françaises d'Océanie, by Jean-Marc RegnaultMaclellan, Nic
1990Review of La Derniere Ile, by Joel BonnemaisonVurobaravu, Myriam Dornoy
1996Review of La Nouvelle-Caledonie au tournant des annees 1990: Un etat des lieux, by Louis Arreghini and Philippe WaniezWaddell, Eric
1997Review of La presence kanak, by Jean-Marie Tjibaou; produced and presented by Alban Bensa and Eric WittersheimWaddell, Eric
2004Review of La Saga du kava, du Vanuatu a la Nouvelle-Caledonie, by Annabel R ChanteraudDussy, Dorothee
2003Review of La tradition et l'Etat: Eglises, pouvoirs et politiques culturelles dans le Pacifique, edited by Christine Hamelin and Eric WittersheimWaddell, Eric
1995Review of Labour and Gold in Fiji, by 'Atu Emberson-BainLeckie, Jacqueline
1997Review of Land, Custom and Practice in the South Pacific, edited by R Gerard Ward and Elizabeth KingdonOverton, John
2005Review of Landscape, Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives, edited by Pamela J Stewart and Andrew StrathernHalvaksz, Jamon
1994Review of Language Shift and Cultural Reproduction: Socialization, Self, and Syncretism in a Papua New Guinea Village, by Don KulickRomaine, Suzanne
1995Review of Last Virgin In Paradise: A Serious Comedy, by Vilsoni Hereniko and Teresia Teaiwa; Writing from the Pacific Islands, edited by Vilsoni HerenikoSchwarz, Sig J.
2002Review of Law and Order in a Weak State: Crime and Politics in Papua New Guinea, by Sinclair DinnenGoddard, Michael
1991Review of Law, Politics and Government in the Pacific Island States, edited by Yash GhaiAikman, C.C.
2013Review of Le paradis autour de Paul Gauguin, by Viviane FayaudLefevre, Tate
2010Review of Le spectacle de la culture: Globalisation et traditionalismes en Océanie, by Alain BabadzanMcCall, Grant
1997Review of Leadership and Change in the Western Pacific: Essays Presented to Sir Raymond Firth on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday, edited by Richard Feinberg and Karen Ann Watson-GegeoLindstrom, Lamont
2011Review of Legendary Hawai‘i and the Politics of Place: Tradition, Translation, and Tourism, by Cristina BacchilegaKosasa, Karen K.
2007Review of Les Javanais du Caillou, Des affres de l'exil aux aleas de l'integration: Sociologie historique de la communaute indonesienne de Nouvelle Caledonie / The Javanese of the Rock: From the Hazards of Exile to the Hazards of Integration, by Jean Luc MaurerRallu, Jean-Louis
2000Review of Lieweila: A Micronesian Story, by Beret E Strong and Cinta Matagolai KaipatBlack, Peter
2007Review of Life in the Pacific of the 1700s: The Cook/Forster Collection of the George August University of Göttingen [exhibit]Andrade, Ivy Hali‘imaile; Drake, Maile T.; Kosasa, Karen K.