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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009I Am ChamorroBevacqua, Michael Lujan
2010I dream of Nahnep and the blue-eyed sailorKihleng, Emelihter
2013"I Guess They Didn't Want Us Asking Too Many Questions": Reading American Empire in GuamWoodward, Valerie Solar
2012‘I Hē Koe? Placing Rapa NuiYoung, Forrest Wade
2003I Ka Hana Ka 'Ike: Environmental Field Studies in Hawai'iCrouch, Kerry
2010I Kareran I Palabran Mami-the Journey of Our WordsHoppe-Cruz, Anghet; Borja-Kicho'cho', Kisha
2009I Was Written a Letter by a Chamorro Soldier in IraqBevacqua, Michael Lujan
2007Ice AgeKombako, B. David
2014IEP Jaltok: A History of Marshallese LiteratureJetnil-Kijiner, Kathy
2007Iien Ippan Doon: This Time TogetherLaBriola, Monica
2006"Iien ippān doon: This time together : celebrating survival in an 'atypical Marshallese community'LaBriola, Monica
2007Imagining Oceania: Indigenous and Foreign Representations of a Sea of IslandsJolly, Margaret
2000Implementing Treaty Settlements via Indigenous Institutions: Social Justice and Detribalization in New ZealandLashley, Marilyn E.
1981Implications of the Hokule`aPiianaia, Gordon
2000The Importance of Subsistence and the Need for a Community-Based Subsistence Management at Mo'omomi Bay, Moloka'i, Hawai'iIli, Sarah
1994"In Order to Win Their Friendship": Renegotiating First ContactNeumann, Klaus
2015In Our Own Verse: Tongan Music and Poetry-Writing as Decolonial PraxisKava, Leora Kalandra
2005In Quest of Dialogue on a "Hot" SubjectChappell, David A.
1982In Search of a Home: Colonial Education in MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
2010In the Shade of the Banyan TreeNajita, Susan Y.