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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Review of Ples Blong Iumi: Solomon Islands, The Past Four Thousand Years, edited by Hugh LaracySamou, Salome
1989Review of Poisoned Reign: French Nuclear Colonialism in the Pacific, by Bengt Danielsson and Marie-Therese Danielsson; Nuclear Playground, by Stewart Firth; and American Lake: Nuclear Peril in the Pacific, by Peter Hayes, Lyuba Zarsky, and Walden BelloGaltung, Johan
2007Review of Political Parties in the Pacific Islands, edited by Roland Rich with Luke Hambly and Michael G MorganLevine, Stephen
2009Review of Politics and State Building in Solomon Islands, edited by Sinclair Dinnen and Stewart FirthFrazer, Ian
2014Review of Polynesian Outliers: the State of the Art, edited by Richard Feinberg and Richard ScaglionCalamia, Mark A
2013Review of Polynesians in America: Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World, edited by Terry L Jones, Alice A Storey, Elizabeth A Matisoo-Smith, and José-Miguel Ramírez-AliagaMondragón, Carlos
2006Review of Postcolonial Pacific Writing: Representations of the Body, by Michelle KeownLyons, Paul
1999Review of Pouvanaa A Oopa, Pere de la culture politique tahitienne, by Bruno Saura, with a translation in Tahitian by Valerie GobraitFinney, Ben
2008Review of Power and Taboo: Sacred Objects from the Eastern Pacific; Pasifika Styles; Pacific Encounters: Art and Divinity in Polynesia (exhibits)Raymond, Rosanna
1991Review of Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia, by William N. Morgan; Traditional Architecture in the Gilbert Islands: A Cultural Perspective, by John HockingsMauricio, Rufino
2002Review of Property Rights and Economic Development: Land and Natural Resources in Southeast Asia and Oceania, edited by Toon van Meijl and Franz von Benda-BeckmannKirsch, Stuart
1997Review of Prophets of Agroforestry: Guarani Communities and Commercial Gathering, by Richard K ReedPinedo-Vasquez, Miguel
2003Review of Protection of Intellectual, Biological, and Cultural Property in Papua New Guinea, edited by Kathy Whimp and Mark BusseJaarsma, Sjoerd R.
1993Review of Public Administration and Management in Small States: Pacific Experiences, edited by Yash GhaiHamnett, Michael P.
2002Review of Public Policy and Globalizationin Hawai'i. Special issue of Social Process in Hawai'i (40), guest-edited by Ibrahim G AoudeKim, Karl
2000Review of Queen Sālote of Tonga: The Story of an Era 1900-1965, by Elizabeth Wood-EllemMarcus, George E.
1998Review of Rabaul Yu Swit Moa Yet: Surviving the 1994 Volcanic Eruption, by Klaus Neumann; Tavurvur I Puongo: Students' Accounts of the 1994 Eruptions in East New Britain, edited by Klaus NeumannNeall, Vincent E.
1990Review of Racial Conflict and Resolution in New Zealand: The Haka Party Incident and It’s [sic] Aftermath 1979-1980, by Kayleen M. HazlehurstD'Arcy, Paul
2001Review of Radio Happy Isles: Media and Politics at Play in the Pacific, by Robert SewardImada, Adria L.
2005Review of Raiding the Land of the Foreigners: The Limits of the Nation on an Indonesian Frontier, by Danilyn RutherfordBallard, Chris