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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Review of One and a Half Pacific Islands / Teuana ao Teiterana n aba n Te Betebeke: Stories the Banaban People Tell of Themselves / I-Banaba Aika a Karakin oin Rongorongola, edited by Jennifer Shennan and Makin Corrie TekenimatangBurke, Mary E Lawson
1995Review of Operation Crossroads: The Atomic Tests at Bikini Atoll, by Jonathan M WeisgallFirth, Stewart
2008Review of Our Wealth Is Loving Each Other: Self and Society in Fiji, by Karen J BrisonTomlinson, Matthew
2012Review of Out of Place: Madness in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, by Michael GoddardAndersen, Barbara
1992Review of Out of Time: History and Evolution in Anthropological Discourse, by Nicholas ThomasHerzfeld, Michael
1992Review of Overreaching in Paradise: United States Policy in Palau since 1945, by Sue Rabbitt RoffSmith, Deverne Reed
1995Review of Pacific 2010: Challenging the Future, edited by Rodney V ColePirie, Peter; Hayes, Geoffrey; Levin, Michael J.
1997Review of Pacific 2010: Urbanisation in Polynesian, by John Connell and John P LeaBryant-Tokalau, Jenny
1996Review of Pacific 2010: Women's Education and Economic Development in Melanesia, by K G Gannicott and Beatrice AvalosMeyenn, R.J.
2001Review of Pacific Answers to Western Hegemony: Cultural Practices of Identity Construction, edited by Jurg WassmannHviding, Edvard
2005Review of Pacific Art: Persistence, Change and Meaning, edited by Anita Herle, Nick Stanley, Karen Stevenson, and Robert L WelschLove, Jacob
2004Review of Pacific Diaspora: Island People in the United States and Across the Pacific, edited by Paul Spickard, Joanne L Rondilla, and Debbie Hippolite Wright; Constructing Moral Communities: Pacific Islander Strategies for Settling in New Places, edited by Judith S ModellCrocombe, Ron
2007Review of Pacific Encounters: Art and Divinity in Polynesia, 1760-1860 (exhibit)Wallace, Patricia Te Arapo
2007Review of Pacific Futures, edited by Michael Powlesvan Fossen, Anthony
2015Review of Pacific Hall, Bernice Pauahi Bishop MuseumDrake, Maile; Kosasa, Karen K
2012Review of Pacific Island Artists: Navigating the Global Art World, edited by Karen StevensonHiggins, Katherine
1993Review of Pacific Island Languages: Essays in Honour of G.B. Milner, edited by Jeremy H. C. S. DavidsonGreen, R.C.
2005Review of Pacific Island Tourism, edited by David HarrisonFriesen, Wardlow
1994Review of Pacific Islands History: Journeys and Transformations, edited by Brij V. LalGrimshaw, Patricia
2006Review of Pacific Jewelry and Adornment, by Roger Neich and Fuli PereiraRubinstein, Donald H.