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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Review of Mining and Indigenous Lifeworlds in Australia and Papua New Guinea, edited by Alan Rumsey and James WeinerGolub, Alex
1992Review of Mining, Politics, and Development in the South Pacific, by Michael C. HowardChappell, David A.
1990Review of Missionary Lives: Papua, 1874-1914, by Diane LangmoreGrimshaw, Patricia
2014Review of Moana: The Rising of the Sea [dramatic performance]Miller, Kara
2003Review of Modekngei: A New Religion in Belau, Micronesia, by Machiko AoyagiNishihara, Kazumi
2000Review of Modern Papua New Guinea, edited by Laura Zimmer-TamakoshiBarlow, Kathleen
2001Review of Money and Modernity: State and Local Currencies in Melanesia, edited by David Akin and Joel RobbinsO'Hanlon, Michael
2010Review of Moonlight Leta Volume I: Musical Transitions (Marshallese String Band Music Today and Yesterday) [compact disc]Kammerer, David
1995Review of More Than a Living: Fishing and the Social Order on a Polynesian Atoll, by Michael D LieberHanlon, David
2009Review of Morning Comes So Soon [feature film]Dvorak, Greg
1990Review of Mountain Papuans: Historical and Comparative Perspectives from New Guinea Fringe Highlands Societies, edited by James F. WeinerKnauft, Bruce M.
2011Review of Moving Images: John Layard, Fieldwork and Photography on Malakula since 1914, by Haidy Geismar and Anita HerleJolly, Margaret
2014Review of Mr. Pip [feature film]Pollock, Nancy J
2003Review of Mr. Tulsi's Store: A Fijian Journey, by Brij V LalArno, Andrew
2000Review of Music at the Borders: Not Drowning, Waving and Their Engagement with Papua New Guinean Culture (1986-96), by Philip HaywardMaxwell, Ian
2013Review of Music in Pacific Island Cultures: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture, by Brian Diettrich, Jane Freeman Moulin, and Michael WebbAmmann, Raymond
2000Review of My Gun, My Brother: The World of the Papua New Guinea Colonial Police, 1920-1960, by August IbrumHempenstall, Peter
2006Review of Na Kkai Taku: Taku’s Musical Fables, collected by Richard M MoyleCrowdy, Denis
2005Review of Namoluk Beyond the Reef: The Transformation of a Micronesian Community, by Mac MarshallVa'a, Unasa L.F.
2001Review of Nanshin: Japanese Settlers in Papua and New Guinea, 1890-1949, by Hiromitsu IwamotoWu, David Y.H.