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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Review of Harvesting Development: The Construction of Fresh Food Markets in Papua New Guinea, by Karl BenediktssonFiler, Colin
2004Review of Hawai'i Nei: Island Plays, by Victoria Nalani KneubuhlJohnson, Jackie Pualani
2003Review of Hawai'i's Russian Adventure: A New Look at Old History, by Peter R MillsLebo, Susan A.
2010Review of Hā: Breath of Life [performance]Blair-Stahn, Chai
2000Review of He Served: A Biography of Macu Salato, by Robert C KisteHooper, Antony
1992Review of Health and the Rise of Civilization, by Mark Nathan CohenPollock, Nancy J.
2001Review of Heirs of Lata: A Renewal of Polynesian Voyaging; Vaka Taumako: The First VoyageFeinberg, Richard
2002Review of Hembemba: Rivers of the Forest, by Steven Edmund Winduo; Cook Islands. Special Issue of Mana: A South Pacific Journal of Art and Culture, Language and Literature (12:2), edited by Jean Tekura Mason and Vaine Rasmussen; From the Spider Bone Diaries: Poems and Songs, by Richard HamasakiWilson, Rob
2007Review of Hiapo: Past and Present in Niuean Barkcloth, by John Pule and Nicholas ThomasBolton, Lissant
2006Review of Historiographie de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, by Frédéric AnglevielChappell, David A.
1994Review of History and Tradition in Melanesian Anthropology, edited by James G. CarrierOgan, Eugene
1990Review of History’s Anthropology: The Death of William Gooch, by Greg DeningBorofsky, Robert
1999Review of Home in the Islands: Housing and Social Change in the Pacific, edited by Jan Rensel and Margaret RodmanBarker, Judith C.
2011Review of Homealani [documentary film]Tamaira, Marata
1998Review of Homeland: Special Focus - New Writing from New Zealand, edited by Frank Stewart; Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan, feature editorsSharrad, Paul
2009Review of House-Girls Remember: Domestic Workers in Vanuatu, edited by Margaret Rodman, Daniela Kraemer, Lissant Bolton, and Jean TariseseiJolly, Margaret
2002Review of Houses Far From Home: British Colonial Space in the New Hebrides, by Margaret Critchlow RodmanDominy, Michele D.
1996Review of How "Natives" Think: About Captain Cook, for Example, by Marshall SahlinsHooper, Antony
2002Review of Hula, Haka, Hoko! An Introduction to Polynesian Dancing, by Ad and Lucia LinkelsFong, Randie K.
1996Review of Human Biology in Papua New Guinea: The Small Cosmos, edited by Robert D Attenborough and Michael P AlpersMacintyre, Martha