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A Pygmy Blue Whale (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) in the Inshore Waters of New Caledonia

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Title: A Pygmy Blue Whale (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) in the Inshore Waters of New Caledonia
Authors: Borsa, Philippe
Hoarau, Galice
Issue Date: Oct 2004
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Borsa P, Hoarau G. 2004. A pygmy blue whale (Cetacea: Balaenopteridae) in the inshore waters of New Caledonia. Pac Sci 58(4): 579-584.
Abstract: The occurrence of a blue whale is reported for the first time for the
New Caledonian archipelago. The whale, a juvenile male in poor condition,
entered the shallow inshore waters of the coral reef lagoon (220 19-24' S, 1660
46-52' E) where it spent at least 1 month until it was killed by whaler sharks on
27 January 2002. Live observations, examination of photographic documents,
and skull osteology indicated that this was a pygmy blue whale, Balaenoptera
musculus brevicauda. Nucleotide sequences of PCR-amplified fragments of its
mitochondrial DNA were determined and compared with the few published
homologous sequences of North Atlantic blue whales, B. m. musculus, but no
obvious differences were apparent.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 58, Number 4, 2004

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