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An Introduction and Overview to Google Apps in K12 Education: A Web-based Instructional Module

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Title: An Introduction and Overview to Google Apps in K12 Education: A Web-based Instructional Module
Authors: Petersen, James
Instructor: Leong, Peter
Keywords: education, k12, google, apps, module, instructional design,
Issue Date: 29 Apr 2013
Series/Report no.: 13106s
Abstract: The question of how to provide K12 teachers with “just-in- time” professional development opportunities during a time when the need for fiscal restraint has cut the time available for professional development is a vexing one for educators. A key to preparing K12 students for success in the 21st century is to provide them with the skills and aptitudes that will enable them to be digital producers and collaborators in higher education and in the workplace. This will not happen until teachers in K12 institutions themselves develop these skills. A preliminary survey indicated that participants in this instructional module were consumers of digital technology; that is, they utilized smartphones, cloud services, and web-based mail. The survey also indicated a lower familiarity with the use of Google tools for production and collaboration. This was more pronounced for the K12 educators who responded. An Introduction and Overview to Google Apps in K12 Education utilized web-based instruction to provide an brief survey of the capabilities of Google Apps for K12 education and is designed to be a precursor to specific content-based instructional modules for the use of Google Apps by teachers. The data collected through the post-module survey as well as through open-ended responses in some of the sections provided information about the respondents’ impressions concerning the efficacy of providing “just-in- time” instruction via website, impressions about the usability of the module, and recommendations for improving the module.
Description: An instructional module to familiarize K12 teachers with the features and uses of Google Docs and Apps
Sponsor: TCC 2013 2013-4-16
Pages/Duration: 10
Rights: CC BY-NC-SA
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States
Appears in Collections:ETEC 690, Spring 2013

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