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Title: Three New Species of Saccocirrus (Polychaeta: Saccocirridae) from Hawai'i 
Author: Bailey-Brock, J.H.; Dreyer, J.; Brock, R.E.
Date: 2003-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Bailey-Brock JH, Dreyer J, Brock RE. 2003. Three new species of Saccocirrus (Polychaeta: Saccocirridae) from Hawai'i. Pac Sci 57(4): 463-478.
Abstract: Three new species of saccocirrids from interstitial sand habitats off
O'ahu, Hawai'i, are described. Two are from subtidal depths, 9-33 m, and the
third is from the intertidal to 3.5 m deep on a fringing reef and at Hanauma Bay,
the Marine Life Conservation District and public park. The two deeper-water
species, Saccocirrus oahuensis, n. sp. and S. waianaensis, n. sp., have 76-119 and
157-210 segments, respectively; they also have bilateral gonads but lack a pharyngeal
pad. The third, S. alanhongi, n. sp., has 35-47 segments, unilateral
gonads, and a muscular pharyngeal pad. These species are distinguished from 18
known Saccocirrus spp. by their unique chaetation, number of segments, presence
or absence of ventral cilia, and pygidial adhesive structures. Saccocirms
oahuensis consumes foraminiferans, and S. alanhongi contained diatoms, unicellular
algae, and ostracods. These species add to the interstitial fauna of O'ahu
and cooccur with polychaetes Nerilla antennata (Nerillidae) and protodrilids
(Protodrilidae), and Kinorhyncha. Saccocirrus alanhongi withstands almost daily
disturbance by 600-1200 bathers per day entering the sandy swimming holes in
the reef at Hanauma Bay.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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