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Title: Watershed-Scale Comparisons of Algal Biodiversity in High-Quality Proximate Hawaiian Stream Ecosystems 
Author: Sherwood, Alison R.; Kido, Michael H.
Date: 2002-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Sherwood AR, Kido MH. 2002. Watershed-scale comparisons of algal biodiversity in high-quality proximate Hawaiian stream ecosystems. Pac Sci 56(4): 431-440.
Abstract: The stream macroalgal floras of two proximate, high-quality stream
valleys (Hanakapi'ai and Limahuli) located on the northern quadrant of the
Hawaiian island of Kaua'i were inventoried and compared on a watershed scale,
providing interesting insight into Hawai'i's potential taxonomic diversity and
the influential role played by physical factors in shaping community characteristics.
A total of 26 species of macroalgae (five Cyanophyta, 18 Chlorophyta, one
Rhodophyta, and two Chromophyta) was identified, of which only eight were
common to both streams. Chlorophyta composed the majority of macroalgal
taxa identified (63.2% in Hanakapi'ai Stream and 66.7% in Limahuli Stream).
Three macroalgal species are new records for Hawai'i and one (Chamaesiphon
curvatus var. elongatum Nordst.) is a Hawaiian endemic. Significant differences in
the macroalgal densities between Hanakapi'ai and Limahuli Streams (Chlorophyta
versus Chromophyta, respectively) were attributed to measured differences
in riparian canopy cover (34.8% versus 70.0% closed, respectively).
Significantly lower densities of macroalgal species in rime-run habitats in
Hanakapi'ai as compared with Limahuli Stream were potentially explainable by
"top-down" control by robust populations of native herbivorous fish species.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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