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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Agricultural Biotechnology in Hawai‘iWieczorek, Ania M.; Munster, Peter
Apr-2007Attitudes of Hawai`i Consumers Toward Genetically Modified FruitShehata, Sabry; Cox, Linda J.
Oct-2002Is Organic Papaya Production in Hawaii Threatened by Cross-Pollination with Genetically Engineered Varieties?Manshardt, Richard
Mar-2008Preparing Tissue-Cultured Banana Plantlets for Field PlantingPerez, Eden A.; Hooks, Cerruti R2
Nov-2002Results from a Hawaii Opinion Survey on Genetically Modified OrganismsFerguson, Carol A.; Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine; Wieczorek, Ania; Wen, Na
May-2003Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture -- Benefits and RisksWieczorek, Ania