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1987Management of uncertainty in medicine.Cohen, P.; Day, D.; deLisio, J.; Greenberg, M.; Kjeldsen, R.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Berman, P.
1988Knowledge primitives for tutoring systems.Woolf, B.; Murray, T.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Schultz, K.
1988Providing multiple views of reasoning for explanation.Suthers, Daniel D.
1991A task-appropriate hybrid architecture for explanation.Suthers, Daniel D.
1991Knowledge-based environments for learning and teaching.Woolf, B.; Soloway, E.; Clancey, W.; VanLehn, K.; Suthers, Daniel D.
1991Automated explanation for educational applications.Suthers, Daniel D.
1992Report on the AAAI-91 workshop on comparative analysis of explanation planning architectures.Suthers, Daniel D.
1992Answering student queries: functionality and mechanisms.Suthers, Daniel D.
1992Steps from explanation planning to model construction dialogues.Suthers, Daniel D.; Woolf, B.; Cornell, M.
1993Sequencing explanations to enhance communicative functionality.Suthers, Daniel D.
1993Helping students articulate, support, and criticize scientific explanations.Cavalli-Sforza, V.; Moore, J.; Suthers, Daniel D.
1993Using "Live Information"; in a Multimedia Framework.Cornell, M.; Woolf, B.; Suthers, Daniel D.
1993Preferences for model selection in explanation.Suthers, Daniel D.
1995Belvedere: Stimulating Students' Critical Discussion.Paolucci, Massimo; Suthers, Daniel D.; Weiner, Arlene
1995Towards an Interlingua for Information Objects.Suthers, Daniel D.
1995Belvedere: Engaging students in critical discussion of science and public policy issues.Suthers, Daniel D.; Weiner, Arlene; Connelly, John; Paolucci, Massimo
1995Groupware for Developing Critical Discussion Skills.Suthers, Daniel D.; Weiner, Arlene
1995Designing for Internal vs. External Discourse in Groupware for Developing Critical Discussion Skills.Suthers, Daniel D.
1996Automated Advice-Giving Strategies for Scientific Inquiry.Paolucci, Massimo; Suthers, Daniel D.; Weiner, Arlene
1997An Architecture for Intelligent Collaborative Educational Systems.Suthers, Daniel D.; Jones, Dan