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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Coaching Web-based Collaborative Learning based on Problem Solution Differences and Participation.Constantino-Gonzales, M.A.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Escamilla de los Santos, Jose
2005Collaborative Knowledge Construction Through Shared RepresentationsSuthers, Daniel D.
2001Collaborative Representations: Supporting Face to Face and Online Knowledge-building Discourse.Suthers, Daniel D.
2002Comparing the Roles of Representations in Face to Face and Online Collaborations.Suthers, Daniel D.; Hundhausen, Christopher; Girardeau, Laura E.
2003Comparing the roles of representations in face-to-face and online computer supported collaborative learning.Suthers, Daniel D.; Hundhausen, Christopher; Girardeau, Laura E.
1998Component-based Construction of a Science Learning Space.Koedinger, Kenneth R.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Forbus, Kenneth D.
1999Component-based Construction of a Science Learning Space.Koedinger, Kenneth R.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Forbus, Kenneth D.
2012Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.Suthers, Daniel D.
2007Conceptual representations enhance knowledge construction in asynchronous collaboration.Suthers, Daniel D.; Vatrapu, Ravi; Medina, Richard; Joseph, Samuel R.H.; Dwyer, Nathan
2006Congruence and tension among activity systems in a tripartite partnership for systemic reform.Suthers, Daniel D.; Yukawa, Joyce; Harada, Violet H.
2006Consistent practices in artifact-mediated collaboration.Dwyer, Nathan; Suthers, Daniel D.
2006CSCL: An historical perspective.Stahl, Gerry; Koschmann, Timothy D.; Suthers, Daniel D.
2010Cultural influences in collaborative information sharing and organization.Vatrapu, Ravi; Suthers, Daniel D.
2007Culture and Computers: A Review of the Concept of Culture and Implications for Intercultural Collaborative Online Learning.Vatrapu, Ravi; Suthers, Daniel D.
2003Deictic Roles of External Representations in Face-to-face and Online Collaboration.Suthers, Daniel D.; Girardeau, Laura E.; Hundhausen, Christopher
2001Designing and Evaluating a Collaboration Coach: Knowledge and Reasoning.Constantino-Gonzales, M.A.; Suthers, Daniel D.; Icaza, José I.
1995Designing for Internal vs. External Discourse in Groupware for Developing Critical Discussion Skills.Suthers, Daniel D.
2000Designing Knowledge Representations for Learning Epistemic Practices of Science.Sandoval, William A.; Bell, Philip, 1966-; Coleman, Elaine B., 1962-; Enyedy, Noel; Suthers, Daniel D.
1999Developing educational software components.Roschelle, Jeremy; DiGiano, Chris; Koutlis, Manolis; Repenning, Alexander; Phillips, Jonathan; Jackiw, Nicholas; Suthers, Daniel D.
2006Discussion tool effects on collaborative learning and social network structure.Tomsic, Astrid; Suthers, Daniel D.