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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Resource-rich Central Asia opens to the worldDorian, James P.
2001The riel value of money : how the world's only attempt to abolish money has hindered Cambodia's economic developmentPrasso, Sheridan T.
1995The rise of global intellectual property rights and their impact on AsiaLa Croix, Sumner J.
2001Rough waters in the South China Sea : navigation issues and confidence-building measuresJi, Guoxing
May-2014Rubber plantations expand in mountainous Southeast Asia : what are the consequences for the environment?Fox, Jefferson; Castella, Jean-Christophe; Ziegler, Alan D.; Westley, Sidney B.
1998Russia's media revolution : from party control to money controlGerasimov, Gennadi
Apr-2014See no evil : South Korean labor practices in North KoreaNoland, Marcus
2002Seeking justice on the cheap : is the East Timor tribunal really a model for the future?Cohen, David
1993South Korea's new president faces hard times at home and new international demandsDong, Wonmo; Morrison, Charles Edward
Jun-2013South Korea's response to human rights abuses in North Korea : an analysis of policy optionsWolman, Andrew
1999Strapped for cash, Asians plunder their forests and endanger their futureDonovan, Deanna
1999The struggle for free tradeDelaney, Michael J.
1995Sweeping changes shape a new Pacific AsiaBaker, Richard W.
2001Terrorism and America : five Asia Pacific perspectivesBhaskara, Harry
Sep-2012Terrorism in perspective : an assessment of 'Jihad Project' trends in IndonesiaChernov-Hwang, Julie
2004Tourism in a 'borderless' world : the Singapore experienceChang, T.C.
1997Toxic waste : hazardous to Asia's healthNelson, David
Aug-2015Transforming the regional architecture: new players and challenges for the Pacific IslandsMaclellan, Nic
1996The U.S. and Japan in APEC : arena for leadership in Asia and the PacificOrtblad, Dennis J.
1994U.S.-Japan trade : get smart, not just toughStern, Paula