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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Land rights in Cambodia : an unfinished reformSo, Sokbunthoeun
1992Legislative election in Taiwan may pose problems for United States and ChinaClough, Ralph N.
2003Living with a climate in transition : Pacific communities plan for today and tomorrowShea, Eileen L.
1994Looking for pollution where the people areSmith, Kirk R.
2002Managing Asia Pacific's energy dependence on the Middle East : is there a role for Central Asia?Wu, Kang; Fesharaki, Fereidun
1994Marketing the rainforest : 'green' panacea or red herring?Dove, Michael
Mar-2016Mega-FTAs and the trade-security nexus : the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)Aggarwal, Vinod K.
1995Memory wars : the politics of remembering the Asia-Pacific warWhite, Geoffrey M.
1996Migrants on the move in AsiaMartin, Philip
Jan-2013More security for rising China, less for others?Roy, Denny
2003The move to preferential trade in the Western Pacific RimRavenhill, John
2000Multilateralism and regional security : can the ASEAN Regional Forum really make a difference?Naidu, G.V.C.
Oct-2008Multitrack integration in East Asian trade : noodle bowl or matrix?Petri, Peter A.
2000Natural gas : the fuel of the future in AsiaFesharaki, Fereidun; Wu, Kang; Banaszak, Sara
1994A new agenda for APEC : setting up the 'building blocks' of free tradeNaya, Seiji; Iboshi, Pearl Imada
Sep-2009The new ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights : toothless tiger or tentative first step?Kelsall, Michelle Staggs
1997A new era for Japan and the Pacific Islands : the Tokyo SummitFinin, Gerard A.; Wesley-Smith, Terence
May-2015North Korea and the Sony hack : exporting instability through cyberspaceHaggard, Stephan; Lindsay, Jon R.
Feb-2009North Korean shipping : a potential for WMD proliferation?Smith, Hazel
1995Nuclear energy thrives in AsiaHagen, Ronald E.