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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-19891989 Annual Amendment Review, Waikane Golf Course, Waikane, Koolaupoko District, OahuHarrison, John T.
15-Apr-1994Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate (ATOC) Scientific Research PermitMiller, Jacquelin N.
24-Apr-1975Alternate Energy Sources for Hawaii, Report of the Committee on Alternate Energy Sources in HawaiiCox, Doak C.
8-Aug-1986Amendments to Chapter 54 of Title 11, Administrative Rules, Water Quality StandardsMiller, Jacquelin N.
24-Oct-1994Amendments to Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 11 Department of Health, Chapter 200 Environmental Impact Statement RulesHarrison, John T.
15-Apr-1994Annual Amendment Review - 1994 Development Plan for OahuHarrison, John T.
25-May-1990Annual Amendment Review, 1990 Oahu Development Plans - Primary Urban Center, Ewa, Koolauloa, Central Oahu, KoolaupokoHarrison, John T.
7-Apr-1981Application for a Special Management Area Use Permit, Kawainui Residential Subdivision - Kailua, OahuDrigot, Diane C.
19-Feb-1981Application for a Special Management Area Use Permit, Kawainui Residential Subdivision - Kailua, OahuDrigot, Diane C.
25-Aug-1986Aquatic Plant Control ProgramMiller, Jacquelin N.
15-Jun-1989Areawide Clearinghouse Project Review, Bellows Air Force Station Picnic Pavilions, Waimanalo, OahuHarrison, John T.
27-Jun-1975Background and Nature of the Hawaii Environmental Impact Statement System, Prepared for the Environmental Quality CommissionCox, Doak C.
14-Mar-1990Bill 7, An Ordinance Establishing For An Interim Period, Shoreline Setbacks Greater Than 40 Feet of Specified Beaches of the City and County of Honolulu, Statement for City & County of Honolulu, Public Hearing - March 14, 1990Miller, Jacquelin N.; Harrison, John T.; Cox, Doak C.; Curtis, George
27-May-1981Coastal Engineer's Certification Report to Construct Seawalls at 10 and 14 Namala Place - Kailua, OahuDrigot, Diane C.
15-Sep-1978Comments on "Phase III, Environmental Surveys of Deep Ocean Dredged Spoil Disposal Sites in Hawaii"Miller, Jacquelin N.
30-Sep-1992Comments on Drafts, Ala Wai Canal Improvement Reports: "Ala Wai Canal Improvement Project Feasibility Report", "Toward a Management Plan for the Ala Wai Canal Watershed", "Maintenance Plan for Ala Wai Canal"Miller, Jacquelin N.
18-Jan-1988Comments on Project No. 10472-000, Notice of Application, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Hanalei River Project, Kauai, HawaiiMiller, Jacquelin N.
1-Jun-1979Comments on Proposed National Natural Landmarks In HawaiiCox, Doak C.
15-Jun-1989Cooperative Environmental Monitoring Program CEMP), Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park, Natural Energy Laboratory of HawaiiHarrison, John T.
16-Jun-1982Current Environmental Issues, Review for Environmental Council, 16 June 1982Cox, Doak C.