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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-1987Final Report, Soil and Vegetation Analysis After an Aerial Application of Weed Oil, Island of OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
3-Nov-1988Fish Processing Plant, Pohnpei, MicronesiaMiller, Jacquelin N.
1-Feb-1977The Fluorocarbon Release Problem, A Review for the Hawaii State Legislature , Responsive to HR 528, HD 1 (1976)Chiu,Wan-Cheng; Chun, Michael J.; Cox, Doak C.; Kroopnick, Peter M.; Schroeder, Thomas A.; Siegel, Sanford M.
26-Apr-1991General Plan Amendment Application, Ewa Marina (Maritime Commercial Center Including a Hotel Complex), Ewa, OahuHarrison, John T.
5-Dec-1985General Plan Amendment for Hawaii Kai Secondary Resort, East Honolulu, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
11-Feb-1986General Plan Amendment for the Secondary Urban Center, Ewa Beach/Central OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
29-Aug-1984Hanauma Bay Beach Park (Sediment Transport to Bay), Honolulu, OahuCox, Doak C.
1-Nov-1981The Hawaii Office of Environmental Quality Control, Environmental Council, and Environmental Quality Commission -- Background and Statutory ProvisionsCox, Doak C.
28-Apr-1977Hawaii Preliminary Recommendations of the Recreation Resource System PlanCox, Doak C.
1-Jul-1992Hawaii Stream AssessmentHarrison, John T.
24-Jun-1975Hawaii Water Resources Regional Study Preliminary Report, Subregion 6 - Oahu, 2nd DraftCox, Doak C.
6-Jun-1975Hawaii Water Resources Regional Study, Preliminary Overall Report, 2nd DraftCox, Doak C.
18-Dec-1987Hawaii's Inventory of Nonpoint Source Pollution, Water Quality ProblemsHarrison, John T.
13-Feb-1992HCR 254 HD1 SD1, Roadside Spray Task Force Sub-committee ReportMiller, Jacquelin N.
18-Sep-1981HECO Waiau Tunnel SourceCox, Doak C.
20-Aug-1986Installation Restoration Program, Phase II - Confirmation/Quantification Stage 1 for Hickam and Wheeler Air Force Bases, Oahu, HawaiiMiller, Jacquelin N.
31-Aug-1973Interstate Route H-3Johnson, Jerry M.
24-Jan-1983The Iwa ExperienceCox, Doak C.
24-Oct-1985Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS)Miller, Jacquelin N.
25-Sep-1987Kaena Point Access Road, Ref. HWY-PA 2.96758Harrison, John T.