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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010The relation of leptin and adiponectin with breast density among premenopausal women.Maskarinec, Gertraud; Woolcott, Christy; Steude, Jana S.; Franke, Adrian A.; Cooney, Robert V.
2007The relationship between socioeconomic status, stress, and substance use among women of childbearing ageWestling, Jessi
1990The relationship of gender role to health practices in later lifeBrowne, Colette, 1950
1993The relationship of nutritional status, personality hardiness, and social support of the older adult to treatment outcomes following non-emergent cardiac surgeryMyers, Sally A.
1993The relationship of stressful life events, mastery, self- esteem, and social support, to the time of initiation into prenatal care by adolescentsVogler, Joyce H.
1994Risk factors of diarrheal diseases in the south of Thailand : Buddhist and Muslim comparisonPorntip Jintaganont
1996Secondary prevention health behavior on cervical cancer in Korea : Papanicolaou smear screening testKim, Jeoung Hee
1991Skin infections among beach users and staphylococci in Hawaii marine watersNaowarut Charoenca
May-2012Soy foods and urinary isoprostanes: results from a randomized study in premenopausal women.Sen, Cherisse; Morimoto, Yukiko; Heak, Sreang; Cooney, Robert V.; Franke, Adrian A.; Maskarinec, Gertraud
1995Stress factors and response effects on health services utilization among women in prisonGoldkuhle, Ute
1986A study of selected factors influencing the development of primary health care in rural Indonesia : the Banjarnegara experienceSuwandono, Agus
1987A study of significant initiating and sustaining factors which influence citizen participation in social planningOshiro, Raymond Shigeru
Sep-2006Tocopherols and prostate cancer.Cooney, Robert V.
Feb-2012UH Cancer Center hotline: modern medicine and the road to prevention: a long and tortuous path.Cooney, Robert V.
1992Use of the planning process to stimulate, monitor and improve health services in the Federated States of MicronesiaAbraham, Isamu Joe