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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012AcknowledgmentsNordhoff, Sebastian
Oct-2012Advances in the accountability of grammatical analysis and description by using regular expressionsMosel, Ulrike
Oct-2012AppendixNordhoff, Sebastian
Oct-2012ContentsNordhoff, Sebastian
Oct-2012Deconstructing descriptive grammarsGood, Jeff
Oct-2012Digital Grammars -- Integrating the Wiki/CMS approach with Language Archiving Technology and TEIDrude, Sebastian
Oct-2012Electronic Grammars and Reproducible ResearchMaxwell, Mike
Oct-2012From corpus to grammar: how DOBES corpora can be exploited for descriptive linguisticsBouda, Peter; Helmbrecht, Johannes
Oct-2012From Database to Treebank: On Enhancing Hypertext Grammars with Grammar Engineering and Treebank SearchBender, Emily M.; Ghodke, Sumukh; Baldwin, Timothy; Dridan, Rebecca
Oct-2012Front matterNordhoff, Sebastian
Oct-2012Grammars for the people, by the people, made easier using PAWS and XlingPaperBlack, Cheryl A.; Black, H. Andrew
Oct-2012The grammatical description as a collection of form-meaning-pairsNordhoff, Sebastian
Oct-2012Language description and hypertext: Nunggubuyu as a case studyMusgrave, Simon; Thieberger, Nick
Oct-2012Reference grammars for speakers of minority languagesBaraby, Anne-Marie
Oct-2012Whole volume-