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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005An observation of inking behavior protecting adult octopus bocki from predation by green turtle (Chelonia mydas) hatchlingsCaldwell, Roy L.
Jan-2005Review of clupeotoxism, an often fatal illness from the consumption of clupeoid fishesRandall, John E.
Jan-2005Cephalopods in the Diet of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) Caught off the West Coast of Baja California, MexicoMarkaida, Unai; Hochberg, F.G.
Jan-2005Hydrologic and isotopic modeling of Alpine Lake Waiau, Mauna Kea, Hawai'iEhlmann, Bethany L.; Arvidson, Raymond E.; Jolliff, Bradley L.; Johnson, Sarah S.; Ebel, Brian; Lovenduski, Nicole; Morris, Julie Dianne; Byers, Jeffery A.; Snider, Nathan O.; Criss, Robert E.
Jan-2005A colorful new species of albericus (Anura: Microhylidae) from Southeastern Papua New GuineaKraus, Fred; Allison, Allen
Jan-2005Odontocete stranding patterns in the main Hawaiian islands (1937-2002): How do they compare with live animal surveys?Maldini, Daniela; Mazzuca, Lori; Atkinson, Shannon
Jan-2005Distribution of the rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis) around the Windward Islands (French Polynesia)Gannier, A.; West, K.L.
Jan-2005Abstracts of Papers from the Twenty-ninth Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 11-12 March 2004-
Jan-2005Association AffairsPacific Science Association
Jan-2005Tetraplasandra lydgatei (Araliaceae): Taxonomic Recognition of a Rare, Endemic Species from O'ahu, Hawaiian IslandsMotley, Timothy J.
Jan-2005Structure of diatom assemblages living on prop roots of the red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) from the west coast of Baja California Sur, MéxicoSiqueiros Beltrones, David Alfaro; López-Fuerte, F Omar; Gárate-Lizárraga, Ismael
Jan-2005New Records of Butterflies (Lepidoptera) from the Eastern Caroline Islands, MicronesiaBuden, Donald W.; Sands, Donald P.; Tennent, W. John
Apr-2005Biological assessment of Kahana Stream, Island of O'ahu, Hawai'i: An application of PABITRA survey methodsFitzsimmons, J.M.; Parham, J.E.; Benson, L.K.; McRae, M.G.; Nishimoto, R.T.
Apr-2005Nasoata Mangrove Island, the PABITRA Coastal Study Site for Viti Levu, Fiji IslandsThaman, Randolph R.; Keppel, Gunnar; Whatling, Dick; Thaman, Batiri; Naikatini, Alifereti; Thaman, Baravi; Bolaqace, Nemani; Sekinoco, Etika; Masere, Manasa
Apr-2005A framework for socioeconomic valuation of biodiversity in the PABITRA focal sites in FijiKorovulavula, Isoa
Apr-2005Geology, climate, and landscape of the PABITRA Wet-Zone Transect, Viti Levu Island, FijiKumar, Roselyn
Apr-2005Botanical diversity at Savura, a lowland rain forest site along the PABITRA Gateway Transect, Viti Levu, FijiKeppel, Gunnar; Cawani Navuso, Jone; Naikatini, A.; Thomas, Nunia T.; Rounds, Isaac A.; Osborne, Tamara A.; Batinamu, Nemani; Senivasa, Eliki
Apr-2005Botanical Studies within the PABITRA Wet-Zone Transect, Viti Levu, FijiKeppel, Gunnar
Apr-2005Recent changes in the upland watershed forest of Monasavu, a cloud forest site along the PABITRA gateway transect on Viti Levu, FijiTuiwawa, Marika.
Apr-2005The Kahana Valley Ahupua'a, a PABITRA study site on O'ahu, Hawaiian IslandsMueller-Dombois, Dieter; Wirawan, Nengah; Jacobi, James D.